Dez number 25 of 100 top players in 2014

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by crazyfool, Jun 25, 2014.

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  2. DoctorChicken

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    He certainly deserves it. Top 25 player in the NFL. He proves that every game.
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  3. RastaRocket

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    Love it.

    How are Antonio Brown and Andre Johnson ahead of him though? Oh well.
  4. Super_Kazuya

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    The list continues to mystify... Dez moved up 10 spots although you would be hard pressed to tell his last two seasons apart. Romo came from completely off the list all the way to #71, even though his reputation with fans and players alike is even worse than before (all of the Duke stuff. Twitter memes, London Fletcher calling him a choker, etc). Maybe the list is just randomly generated by an algorithm designed to emulate Jerry's brain.
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  5. big dog cowboy

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    This list is about as credible to me as the Pro Bowl voting.
  6. dallasfan4lizife

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    don't over analyze it and get all sore. Your boy moved up like 20 spots right?
  7. DallasEast

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    The ballot process for the Pro Bowl could be improved, but it is a LOT more logical than the Top 100 balloting.

    That said, congratulations Dez. Hope the pageant judges smile upon you next year too. :) Shoot. I think I just insulted pageant judges. :(
  8. yentl911

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    Exactly - how the hell is Brown ahead of him?? Ask any team in the league who they would farther have and Dez gets every vote. Total BS.

    Johnson is a beast still but is slowing down and has been on a terrible team - made that ranking on reputation.
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  9. Ntegrase96

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    Johnson is much like Ware in that regard.

    Dez is better than Brown, but Brown had the better year. I don't think him being ahead of Dez by a few slots is crazy since it's top 100 of 2014.
  10. Ntegrase96

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    Dez had about the same amount of success, but he also drew a lot more attention from the defense.
  11. TheFinisher

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    Dez almost had as many TDs in 2013 (13) as Brown has for his career (15). In what universe is he better than Dez?
  12. The Natural

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    most respected Cowboy in the league
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  13. TheDallasDon

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    I for one hated the way they presented him, like Romo he got backhand compliments after everything good they said......No other players got this kind of treatment.
  14. guag

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    Soon to be a tossup between Dez and Tyron.
  15. WoodysGirl

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    That top player thing is still going on? That thing should've been over with the NBA finals.

    Way to stretch a good thing out, NFL!
  16. The Natural

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    the more young fellas, the merrier. They're both my boys
  17. Craig

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    Antonio Brown had elite numbers last year, but unless I was building a team around everything but passing, I wouldn't want him above 2 on the receiver depth chart.
  18. zack

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    The whole list thing is so stupid and a joke. There is no way that Antonio Brown is better than Dez Bryant.

    Does anyone think that Phillip Rivers should be 37 places higher than Romo? I don't. Shoot a year ago, people were writing Rivers off. Is Rivers better than Romo, that's debateable. His 2013 stats: 4,478 yards, 32 TDs, 11 INT's. vs Romo's 3828 yards, 31 TD's and 10 INT's with one less game played.

    Then you see where they rank Cam Newton. Again, if you want a good RB, fine, but he's not a great QB. His numbers from 2012 and 2013 were basically the same. The difference why he is ranked so high this year is because they made the playoffs. And he looked horrible in that game.

    Why did they make the playoffs? Because they had an awesome defense (#2 in scoring defense). Panthers Offensive Ranking - 26th. Passing 29th, Points 18.
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  19. Ntegrase96

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    This is one of the things that annoys me the most.

    Romo and Rivers are virtually identical. Over their career. Last 3 year average. Extremely close.

    Even if you look at their playoff stats, there are reasonable trade-offs. (more yards more tds but more ints vs less ints but also less yards less tds).

    I think Rivers had a better 2014, but in the grand scheme of things it baffles me as to why Rivers is considered to be the clearly better player.
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  20. dstovall5

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    Philip Rivers is basically the Tony Romo of the AFC.
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