Twitter: Dez speaks to the media

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Oct 28, 2013.

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    I just seen the orignal post in the game thread about it, my bad then. ;)
    I got my eyes on you though, Zordon ... Lol joking. :D
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    3 targets, 2 touchdowns, 24 yds/reception.

    he had a right to be upset. witten isn't half the dynamic player dez is.

    if you think dez is a selfish player then you don't follow the team closely enough. the kid loves the game and only wants to win. he's never had T.O. like tirades before. but enough is enough. this anemic offense has been going on for several weeks now. 4 turnovers and we were still in a tight contest. that is sad and dez knows its. which is why he vented while the rest continued to go thru the motions. i dont blame him one bit. the robotic leadership style some of you prefer is not my cup of tea. im from the michael irvin, charles haley, randy white old school which is why i will never criticize dez for speaking up yesterday.
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    I think its more the QB doesn't trust himself to put it where it needs to be and not throw an int. Any other qb with a receiver like Dez throws it to him double coverage or no.
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    Stop it....guys like Witten and Ware are the ones that are part of the problem. That nice guy act, is why teams like the giants of the past use to come in and bully us, and talk crap to us on the field, but never did it to Washington or Eagles....with those guys we have no back bone
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    Calvin Johnson shows no passion at all and goes for 329. How can this be?

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