Did anyone catch Velas draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by UnoDallas, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Cameron Jordan? Gone one spot ahead of Dallas to the Tennessee Titans. If this were the situation, the preference in my mind is clear -- go offensive tackle. This raises a dilemma. Wes has cautioned for a couple of weeks that the offensive linemen might not go as early as in years past, but will go fast once their run begins.

    Round 1: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin
    Round 2A: Titus Young, WR, Boise State
    Round 2B: Jason Pinkston, G, Pittsburgh
    Round 3: Curtis Brown, CB, Texas
    Round 4: Kendrick Ellis, DL, Hampton
    Round 5: Henry Hynoski, FB, Pitt
    Round 6: Delone Carter, RB, Syracuse
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    OTs rise, and it's about supply and demand. It's basic economics. There may not be a Jake Long or two guys like last year, but there is going to be good value for the Cowboys at 9 when all those players start blending together. The Cowboys, Lions, Giants, Eagles, and Colts all need OTs, and there is some good quality and some upside in this draft, especially with Smith's upside. Sherrod has good upside, too.

    Smith, Sherrod, Carimi, Costonzo, and Solder are going in round 1. That is 5. If Dallas picks one at 9, teams are going to be worried. If Detroit picks one at 13, it's on. The Eagles and Colts may look to move up to get the guy that they want, imo. If you trade back into the teens, the Eagles or Colts could jump you and take your player.

    Teams will view and rate them differently, and I think before the process is all said and done, Smith and Sherrod are going to rate very good when the vertical and horizontal analysis occurs occurs with the Cowboys. Both of those players have a legit shot at 9 if the board goes like it's supposed to go. I think Sherrod will rate 1 or 2 on Dallas' vertical draft board that includes all the OTs in the draft.

    Like I stated in another thread, when you draft Smith or Sherrod, you are making a significant deposit into the bank accounts of Romo, Witten, Austin, Bryant, and Felix Jones. You are immediately replacing the weakest player in an already too old and rapidly fading offensive line, and you are drafting your future LT, imo. You are making that deposit into the strength of your team, the offensive skill players.

    You are not only drafting a very young, strong, and athletic OT, you are investing in your offensive skill players and putting them in a stronger position to be successful.

    Dareus sliding out of the top 10 is interesting, and I still think that Dallas would take him over Jordan, "right" or "wrong".

    In that mock draft, Dareus would present the strongest horizontal and vertical challenge at DE to Smith or Sherrod, imo. Sherrod stoned Dareus in their game this year, from what I saw. Smith has been called the only guy to block Jordan all year. I like my chances, but the defensive line needs help, too. Dareus or Jordan would get to challenge Igor Olshansky, Ratliff, and three free agents.

    I learned that vertical/horizontal stuff from Vela. Have to give him credit.

    The Cowboys will not take Miller, Quinn, Juilio Jones, Amukamara, or Harris after the vertical and horizontal analysis is complete, I predict. Smith and Sherrod face Free and Colombo, and I really like that match-up.

    Those CBs have to run 4.3s to have a chance against Newman and Jenkins, and this is a deep CB draft. Harris is said to be a 4.45 guy, but he would challenge Jenkins immediately (one of your most talented players on defense) and wouldn't be able to supplant Newman in 2011 (IMO), unless you release Newman. Does that make you better? No.

    Miller VS Ware

    Quinn VS Spencer

    Jones VS Bryant

    Not good vertical match-ups for those players, especially when you consider the question marks for both Quinn and Miller and a position change for Quinn. OLB is a strength on the defense. Quinn has character concerns and a serious past medical history.

    Harris would have a better chance of matching up with Newman or Jenkins, not Amukamara, imo. I think that Harris has to run a 4.3 to get in a position to compete horizontally with Smith, Sherrod, Dareus, or Jordan.

    Terence Newman is still a really good player. Rob Ryan stated that. Newman has plenty of fight left in him and will not go quietly. He will allow you to address the mess up front, on that offensive line. Newman is going to buy you some time.

    The Packers were playing with 2 CBs in the Super Bowl that were not even drafted. I wouldn't suggest making a living that way at that position, but a third round CB could develop and contribute in year one.
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    Either your very convincing or im weak minded!:cool:
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    I am not a big fan of picks 2 thru 4

    I think we draft a FS,CB an OL
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    Get along the OL train.:) It hasn't even warmed up good.

    Light some candles for Tyron Smith's weigh in at the combine. He played really strong last year at his play weight and plays with the wide base the Cowboys like. That dude is all muscle. He is big.

    Some scouts think that he played closer to 300 than people think and some scouts don't think that. Bunting reported that.
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    The USC boards talked consistently last year that Smith had trouble keeping weight on. There is no way he is a top 15 pick if he does not come in close to 300 by draft time- not COMBINE but DRAFT time.
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    great post, i agree with your thinking
    OL in #1 period

    would prefer to be able to trade back a little and still do it but that will depend on how we rate these OL. personally i am not a big fan of smith, he is too much of a "projection" in terms of his weight. if we feel that sherrod is way better than carimi/costanzo, we should just take him at 9, if he is the same group, we can trade back and pick up the remaining one at around 15-17.
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    Good post! Smith is already strong enough to play at the next level so what difference will 15 pounds make? :D

    Anyway, size has not helped the right side of the line much lately.

    If the defensive tackle is not there at #9 they have to take the OT.
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    Outside of only a couple of picks, this looks like a pretty terrible draft and it's capped off by us drafting not just a FB but also a RB. Might as well throw a kicker in there and go for the trifecta.
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    I do think Jordan will go before our pic, but possibly to the 49ers.
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    I dont get the Titus Young pick at that point. BPA? If your going to draft value at WR, pick up Ronald Johnson USC in a lower round.
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    Lol, what? So the main prerequisite for drafting a CB to challenge Mike Jenkins or T-New is they have to run a 4.3?

    That is interesting.
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    excellent note.
    i will say sherrod blocked jordan well in the SB game.
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    I like that mock draft given above UNO, don't know if that's yours or Bunting's. Like the majority of the picks although I'm not too familiar with OG Pinkston.
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    It's from the link.
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    It's Velas mock draft. I actually like it a lot, and I was a little surprised to read the negative reactions.
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    I would be: :bow: if our draft went EXACTLY like that: specifically the first 4 picks. I want Carimi the more I see of him. I like Young, because Roy Williams should and more than likely will be cut.
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    I like Titus Young. Don't know if I take him that early. But if he's there for the 3rd or 4th round, I wouldn't mind taking a look.

    BTW, Mike Mayock has Titus Young as the 3rd best receiver in this draft behind AJ Green and Julio Jones and both of them are going in the 1st round.
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    Titus Young in the 2nd? No way. He'll be a good pro but we don't need a receiver that early.
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    I'd be very disappointed if we burned an early 2nd round pick on a WR.

    Otherwise, I like that mock enough.

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