Did anyone pay attention to how much Spears played?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Sep 13, 2005.

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    I tried to here and there when I was re-watching parts of the game, but without really focusing on that position alone it was hard to tell... It seemed like something about the camera angle at Qualcomm made it hard to tell who the LDE was when he was in his stance. I know he was in near the end of the game, because IIRC he got fairly close to Brees on his last TD pass.

    My impression was that it wasn't that often -- not as often as Canty -- but does anyone know how much he played, and how he did?
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    No real impression as of yet though no surprise since he missed most of the preseason with injuries. Hopefully game by 4 or 5 he will make more of a positive impression on the field.
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    In his PC yesterday Parcells said all of the defensive lineman got in at least 20 plays, but I'm not sure how many he played. I know from rewatching the tape of the game he played quit a bit from early in the game.

    I will say he looked confused and tenative at times, perhaps just over thinking his assignments. But he was fairly solid especially against the run, he was holding his own and contributed to the lack of holes for LT.
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    well i had a list of players to watch and spears was one of them, but when bledsoe fumbled i crumpled the list and through it at the t.v. so i forgot to watch him closely... :D

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