Did Jerry Jones Stab us Fans and Cowboys Players in the Back for more money, tickets?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Oct 8, 2012.

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    he doesnt....but dont think that fact will stop the lynch mob
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    Whoa... Slow down there. Players might think that way. Teams do not.

    Who wants that ? Only a few players from teams I can recall ever. One Packer, one Steeler ? Who else ?

    Teams have adopted to Blank nation as in Raiders Nation, etc.
    The whole America's team has more stigma and pressure/results/expectations.
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    They tried, but I still got single game tickets from StubHub.
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    Apparently setting the prices so high has forced out some season ticket holders.

    Here's a firsthand account from a season ticket holder.

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    It was a big deal because the 75,000 or so Cowboy fans had nothing to cheer about. If the game was reversed I bet no one would have noticed or cared about how many Bears fans were there. I've been to RFK, the Meadowlands, the Vet and Foxboro for Cowboys games and at times it seemed as though the Cowboys fans were there in full force. Then the home team would score and it would sound like a bomb exploded.

    I haven't been to the new Stadium, but it seems that the Cowboy fans may not ever be the loudest, but they can be the quietest.
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    I fully expected this to be one of those threads where everyone rightfully dismisses the OP's silly premise, but it looks like an agree-a-thon.

    Are we being serious? Do we understand what a market is?

    The fact that the tickets were expensive in the first place or "sold to corporations" is not what is driving tickets to Stubhub and the NFL Ticket Exchange. The reason that the tickets are showing up on Stubhub is that their actual value - what other people will pay for them - is very, very high. And it just so happens that Jerry has absolutely zero control over whether or not fans choose to sell their tickets for a profit on the internet.

    It's fun and fashionable to blame things on Jerry, but this one isn't Jerry's fault, as much as some posters may want to criticize him for making the stadium so awesome that people want to travel to visit it (yes, a poster in this thread essentially said just that). This one is our fault - as fans, we sold our tickets because they're worth a lot. It's a tough economy so it's not worth being critical - it just is what it is.

    But, uh...I guess I interrupted the Jerry bash party. Continue.
  7. BrAinPaiNt

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    People getting whipped up to a lather over the silliest things.


    Whip It...Whip it good.
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    Very well said.

    Also, like someone stated in an earlier post- if the Cowboys would've played better and won the game we most likely wouldn't even be talking about this. The Cowboys didn't lose because there were Bears fans in the stadium, they lost because they played like crap.
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    What a ridiculous question. You're a fan. Either buy the tickets or don't. Quit whining. If you don't wanna go to the game or make the drive to Arlington that's understandable but whining about the tickets being too much is ridiculous.
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    I believe it was the dearly-departed Steve Sabol at NFL Films who gave the 'boys the "America's Team" label. The intent was to celebrate their universal popularity at that time - not denigrate, divide, or deride.
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    And they were replaced by new season ticket holders. The PSL makes it to where brokers can't really turn a profit on season tickets, so it pushes them out of the market.
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    Bob Ryan, yes of NFL Films.
  13. Hostile

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    Slow down nothing. Ever heard of Bert Sugar?

    Educate yourself, then get back to me with your newfound knowledge of the emotions stirred by that nickname. You'd love the book. I mock it.
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    Jon Gruden said it best, playing at home for the Cowboys is like going to an amusement park.
  15. cowboyjoe

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    evidently you didnt read the post, because jerry jones stated that he sold the tickets to alot of bears fans, not ticket stub, or some other ticket place, but that Jerry Jones sold the tickets to bears fans. Jerry Jones did this a few years back when bears beat the cowboys at our home stadium. Again, in your own home stadium, you should have most of your teams own fans, not the other way around because jerry jones wanted to make money and sold more tickets to opposing teams.

    In relation to that, players see that, with that kind of attitude does that again drift down to some of the players and sending the wrong signal to the players?

    Thats the point im trying to make, jerry jones sold tickets to alot of bears fans and he admitted it on media show.

    Why, wouldnt you as owner want home field advantage with cowboys fans mostly at your stadium, or is it actually all about the money, not winning championships.
  16. JakeCamp12

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    Did he say the tickets that he sold to bears fans unsold tickets that cowboys fans didn't want? If that is the case, then he should have sold them to Bears fans.


    If he took a block of tickets and sold them to bears fans before offering them for purchase to Cowboys fans, then I can see your point.

    For Jerry the only point he is working on is getting that building filled to capacity any time he has an event there. He has bills to pay on the building and he will do it any way he sees fit. That is what any business does.
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    Cowboy fans have always been relatively quiet, whether at the Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium, or Jerryworld.

    The higher the ticket prices, the quieter they'll be. It selects for a more refined, less emotional or rabid occupant, mon frere. Too busy taking pictures to be e-distributed; or texting, or surfing. Too detatched and distracted.

    I would favor lowering a substantial number of the ticket prices, and consistently getting sellouts with locals, rather than have the excess of foreign or indifferent fans.
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    what about if you have a family and cant afford to go to the games.. what if they are TRUE fans and cant afford to go.. TO say quit whinning is stupid, because the people buying the tickets arent passionate real fans, like the ones who post on here.. SO trust me I know it WONT change a thing, but they have every right to complain about ticket prices etc..
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    and the fact that Jerry said what he said about he sold tickets to the Bear fans is so stupid... He is an idiot, who once again is trying to spin things... Like Is aid the tickets were bought and he truly dosent care who buys them... Cowboy stadium is quiet, get used to it, its the way ALL these new stadiums are.. They priced out all the passionate fans... Its the way it is... I rather watch a football game on TV than waste a single cent going to a game..
  20. DMAC

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    So are you saying it's better to have empy seats than to sell tickets to the opponant? Or he should lower ticket prices for the Cowboy fans so ore can attend?

    Football now days is a huge business. It takes a ton of moeny to run a team. I say, make all you can, and buy us some better players with that money!

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