Did Matty Ice & Tom Brady "Choke" in Romo Fashion?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jan 21, 2013.

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    I think Romo would fair better but eventually what happens is once you get deeper in the playoffs you are eventually going to be in a position where you have to make plays yourself. Where another teams defense is going to get to you (no matter how good your oline is) and when that time comes, you are going to have to make the smart play. There will be times when that play is to take a sack, or throw the ball away, or make a throw down field. My major problem with Romo is you can't trust him not to have a brain fart in that situation. If you look at the game Kaepernick played you will notice that even against a good tough defense, he didn't have one turnover. He was smart with the ball.

    My issue with Romo isn't that he isn't athletic enough, it is that he doesn't use his brain. How many tapes of himself does he need to watch to figure out how to throw the ball away? Or how to take a sack when it is the best option? Or not to throw off his back foot?

    Harbaugh would be in Tony's grill non stop if he pulled those tactics in San Fran.
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    Peyton Manning choked, too. Recall his game-losing interception a couple of weeks ago. I believe it was his 2nd of the game. Still, I think he will be starting for Denver next year.

    In the end, one way or another, at least 31 QB's come up short every season.
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    Good Post.

    It's essentially the EXACT same way Packer fans felt for the last 8-9 years of Brett Favre's career. Favre had all the physical ability, Fave put up huge numbers, Favre could make something out of nothing and often did.... however, when the chips were on the table he was utterly careless with the ball... and you can't win the playoffs being careless with the ball.

    In so many ways, I feel like Romo's career is starting to echo that 2000-2010 Brett Favre years.
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    This is true. The notable difference here is playoff wins and getting beyond the 1st game of the playoffs.

    If Romo's career continues on the current track, thats what the NFL historians will look back and wonder... "How did a guy with such eye-popping regular season stats only manage to win a single playoff game in his career".

    Hopefully he makes a run or two in the playoffs before it is all said and done.
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    Is this supposed to be an excuse thread for Rono going full-idiot against the Skins? Whether you like Romo or not, he played like a complete moron in that game. There really is no excusing it.

    Any argument over whether he's a choker or not is just nonsense chatter, there's no answer to that question because choking means nothing. Lebron was a choker until he suddenly wasn't.

    If the question is did Romo play badly to close out the season? The answer is unequivocally, "Yes." I don't see how anyone could say otherwise, he was awful.
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    I love that reference. :laugh2:
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    The response re Brady, three rings.

    Re Matt Ryan, yep total choker and he can't win the big one. If Romo had thrown that INT and fumbled the snap, he would be crapped on all over North America.
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    I agree but it goes both ways, for us Romo fans, if we defend him with this kind of plays (which I don´t) you cannot criticize Ryan for them and for the the anti Romo fans and media, they would be all over Romo for this exact kind of plays so they should be all over Ryan calling him a choker, but of course that aint gonna happen.
  9. Teague31

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    Peyton has been eliminated in the first round 8 times. What a choker
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    Im not at a point where I feel like making excuses for Romo. He has carved out his own reputation.

    However, these other guys did the exact same thing he has done. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander, NO?
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    Hey, what ever happened to SDCowboys85 anyway?
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    That's just it, you're not being honest.

    When they needed to win, Tony was having great games. Every one of those games, in the last few weeks, they had to win or they were out of it. Period. Everyone knew that going in. Not just the last game. They came out with virtually no chance of making the playoffs and there still would be no talk of it had the Giants ( The SB winning team and a better complete team) not screwed up so badly. So, what did they do? They went on an improbable streak against defenses that most had us losing at least one of the games, to either Cin/Pitt and the offense juggernaut of N.O.

    Tony had almost the game of his life in the N.O. but the Murray fumble and defense cost them the game, yet it's overlooked. He threw no picks and had great passing games and he has a bad game, in which most if not all good teams could overcome with the help from the defense. The Seahawks defense only let up 14 points against the Redskins (Dallas scored 18 against the Redskins, which in terms, would have been enough to win according to the Sea/Was game) Mind you, I'm not gonna blame the defense, with the injuries they had, but that's not the fault of the offense either. Tony had a bad game and unfortunately had no defense to help overcome it. Good teams are complete on both sides of the ball and the Cowboys didn't have that, so I don't know why the complaints. I didn't even include the bad play calling and scheming. Also, give credit where credit is due. Washington put together a good team and had good play calling, which our coach had no answer for.

    Can you imagine what talk there would have been if the Cowboys won and made the playoffs with 9 wins? The PLAYOFFS with 9 wins?
    Dallas had no business being in the position they were in at the end of the season, with the patchwork lines they put together, yet they were winning games most had them losing. If not for a Giant(s) meltdown, the only talk would be of what the Cowboys final season record would be and where they pick in the draft.

    Yep, Tony had a bad game but if not for him and those important wins leading up to it, that final game would have been meaningless, yet you folks like to cherry pick which game means something.

    THAT'S being honest
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    Brady at 35 is on the down side of his career. He has three rings and could easily have five. One of the best players in the modern era, comparing him to Romo is ridiculous. Ryan on the other has not earned his rep or nick name. You can see it in his face, he tightens up as the games get close. Atlanta (regular season champs) was always over rated and never to be feared as I have posted in the past. Ryan is one of the big reasons why.
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    You got that right but the truth is that we probably win that last game with Orton or some other average QB, Romo did blow it but that´s what you get with him, no other way around it, either he´s the best player on the field for the Cowboys and our only hope to win a game or he flat out chokes and loses the game all by himself which IMO he did in Washington.
  15. Rynie

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    Nobody can choke like Romo, although Ryan is pretty close.
  16. zack

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    Some of that makes sense but Cap is only throwing the ball 22 times vs Romo who throws it 40-45 times per game. Again the balance issue is my point.
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    OP must be a glutton for punishment. I don't get it fella, why do you always start a who is worse than Romo thread and then start getting upset that even if someone wants to label the other guys as chokers Romo is still one too. The difference is we as Cowboys fans don't care about the other chokers just ours'.

    Mentioning Rimo with Brady is just bad taste bro, Brady has his team positioned for the super bowl almost every year and given the odds he has won three times. That's . a hard thing to do for those saying he hasn't won in 7 years, Romo hasn't won in any year's and Brady not winning for the next ten won't knock him out of being a first ballot hof'er, the other Manning, kind of a choker, doesn't have the ice water his brother does, the goofy looking one. Matt Ryan may not have won anything yet but he still hasn't snatched defeat from the jaws of victory as many times or in as much of a dramatic fashion as our guy has... Over and over and over... and over, and over and over and over again.

    So really does it matter that Romo has a crown maDr of chicken bones and you think the others should too, don't know,don't care, but I think you invalidate this thread by putting Brady in the equation, losing is losing, that we can handle, but choking on center stage over and over again we can't. Manning, Romo pretty good, one hof, one good career, Ryan' s story is still being written but Brady,as I said Losing is just losing. He can't win them all but three is pretty darn good, let Romo get one before you start throwing the gun slingers name in with the gun fighter.

    In closing Eli is still better!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!
  18. KJJ

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    From what I gathered from him he was a huge Romo homer. He either got permanently banned for something or wanted to escape his reputation after Romo's latest choke job and changed his username because I can't locate him on the member list.
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    I don't know man, twice he has had home field advantage and not made the SB, Romo only did that once.
  20. Super_Kazuya

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    People keep saying the same stupid things "over and over". The Washington game was the first time you could make the argument that Romo was the primary culprit in losing. You sound like an uneducated national observer instead of a Cowboys fan.

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