Did Parcells Slight Henson in PC? Perhaps.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Vman, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Vman

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    In regards to the following question about Ware:

    Reporter: 'But Bill, didn't he show you that he can hit the homerun, Saturday night?'

    Parcells: 'Well, sometimes when the pitchers find out that you can't hit the curveball - then you don't hit anymore homeruns.....If you know what I mean?'

    Granted, the reporter started off with the baseball anaolgies, but I found it interesting that Bill would use that specific analogy when we all know Henson left baseball because he couldn't hit the curveball.

    Maybe its a stretch. But Bill does like to send messages.
  2. Rezz

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    I think that's reaching...
  3. Zman5

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    No. Bill has always used baseball and horse racing analogies.
  4. blindzebra

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    Back and to the left, back and to the left.

    Oliver Stone would be proud.:D
  5. Vman

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    Ya know - after I posted it - I was thinking maybe it was 'out-there'.

    But the first thing that I thought of - when I heard the PC today at work - was Henson.

    That was a shot at Henson.

    Maybe not.
  6. Rack Bauer

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    He was talking about DeMarcus Ware when he said that. Henson has nothing to do with it.
  7. InmanRoshi

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    Sweet, a Henson thread.
  8. Draegerman

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    Good one, zeb. :laugh2:
  9. Vman

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    I stated that he was talking about Ware.
  10. twa

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    Just a way to push Ware,he has trouble shedding blockers and needs to work at his hand action and moves to be a complete player.

    Every player has strengths and weak spots,and the opposing coaches WILL exploit them. In order for him to be the next LT ;) Bill will push :D
  11. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    I hear Bill turned off a rerun of Bull Durham last night before it was finished.

    Watch out, Drew!
  12. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    Then why bother starting yet another QB thread when you know he wasn't referring to a QB?

    Another qb thread... oh joy.
  13. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    Well, he'd do well now to can those b-ball references.
    In particular, we don't need to hear the following mentioned or the Tuna-Hates-Henson radar system will go into overload:

    "I couldn't get to third base with my girlfriend last night." (Profound disappointment with Henson)

    "Three strikes and you're out". (Clear enough)

    "It took a hopper." (clear diss of both Drew's throwing motion and the odd little 3rd basemen's hop he favored last year)

    "I might be sending Player X in in relief". (a la Crayton) (VT speed-dialed to replace DH)

    "We're in the seventh inning stretch". (This is when I prefer to lop his head off)

    Also any b-ball refs to 'sacrifices', 'bull-pens' (ie Europe), and God forbid, 'DOUBLE-A BALL' oughtta be sent down to the minors.
  14. NovaCowboy

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    LOL.... ya know really I dont like you, and I think your lust for Parcells is border line disturbing BUT... I'll have to give it to you, that was pretty good.
  15. LaTunaNostra

    LaTunaNostra He Made the Difference

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    Darn! My whole day is ruined!! ;)

    Quite all right. I'm 'disturbed" by automatic negative emotions myself. Like knee jerk derision and pathological cynicism.

    Whew! I can now make it thru the day! :lmao2:
  16. Zaxor

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    You know your A#1 by me LTN:D
  17. CaptainAmerica

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    And heeeere we go.......... :D
  18. Bungarian

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    He clearly was talking about Ware. His point was as Ware gets noticed teams will do more to stop him like a double team. To be good he has to learn to beat those things.

    This thread is a huge reach.
  19. jksmith269

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    Yeah and he followed this up by bringing up how ware was beating Adams the first couple days of practice then Adams talked to him and another coach and figured a way to stop Ware and since then Ware has been a non factor against Adams. I like it he didn't tell what IT was that Adams is now doing to keep Ware out. But you know after his first sack in the game he didn't really get that much pressure on the QB while he was in the pockett. after the first couple series I think they did fairly well keeping Ware out even against soon to be unemployeed players he didn't get back in there, Granted he was coming from a Down Lineman position at that point.
  20. DLCassidy

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    Bill was sending a message- to Ware. Parcells translation: don't get too excited kid, they're going to throw a lot of things at you to stop what you do well and the test for you will be can you adjust to those changes.

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