Did Sunday night change your opinion of Romo?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Preach! The ignorant Romo bashers will just continue to ignore these things and blindly bash Romo, it is what it is. :cool:

    And that's a complete myth. Tony Romo's production is still there in the losses, but I'll tell you who "can't perform under pressure" and that's this team, they're terrible. Tony Romo has been one of the only few positive things out of this atrocious team, smh. We're a below average team with an above average QB, which comes out overall to an average team, every. single. time.

    And no this loss didn't sway my opinion on Romo. Anyone basing their opinion on Romo off of one game is either clueless, or just being a hater just to hate.
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    This may be off topic slightly but I find this interesting.

    Romo throws the game losing pick against Washington last year.

    Again this year Dallas is in position to beat the best team in the league at that time and Romo throws a pick and ends any rally to win.

    I think these things now matter in this regard. I believe Romo is protecting the football to a degree he has not in the past. He is being more cautious on when he pulls the trigger on passes and is looking for a more wide open receiver. Risking less so he doesn't bury the team considering the defense they routinely trot on the field.

    I am not saying he is gun shy, but think on this. What is the one thing Romo says after every loss. We need to learn from this and get better.

    Now marry this with a defense that couldn't keep kittens from a bowl of milk and an offensive playbook drawn in crayons and perhaps Mr. Romo is taking what he knows he can get and protecting what he can't count on.

    He throws to T Will a great deal because Dez is doubled. The other team knows take away Dez and Dallas is inept. So Romo - who surely understands Dez will go get that ball - is protecting the game and doing a little CYA as well.

    Before I make any kind of assessment that Romo is done or not a quality quarterback - with flaws like all quarterbacks have - I need to see his skill set diminish.

    As it stands, and as someone mentioned, his moving the pieces on the board to find an advantage indicates this isn't his skill set as much as it is him trying to protect a defense that has no skill at all.

    Just a thought.
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    Good analysis.
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    Do you know even what you are talking about? smh

    Yes you do...

    Remember back when Romo said he had learned a new throwing motion that he was going to break out this season?

    I think either Romo or some Coach is not letting him take the risks he used to take because of Int's. I liked the gunslinger that Romo used to be. Yeah, Romo will throw some Int's, always does. But, someone has dialed all that back I guess.

    And, I think it's either a game plan that is not right, or it's Romo trying not to lose the game. Either way, something is fundamentally wrong with this team....
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    Really dude? Can't exclude Romo from the teem losses. He has not played that well the last three weeks. A team can't get shut out on third down and the QB be completely devoid of blame..
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    He played like crap but common without him this is a 3 to 5 win team. At the end of the day he has 21 td´s and 6 Int’s, that aint bad.
    Could he have played better the last few weeks?? of course he could, but I´ll give him a pass, let’s wait until week 17 to judge him, as off now, Romo would be the least of my concerns, that list starts with Garrett.
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    Nothing changed. He had a bad game. It happens. Even to the BEST of QBs.
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    The best way to evaluate Qb play is to look at what they do on obvious passing downs when ur team is running their best pass plays against the other teams best pass defense.

    The cowboys were horrible on 3rd down last night. I don't have the answers as to why but romo has to bear a lot of responsibility for that.
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    Who said I was excluding Romo from the team losses, or devoiding him of blame? You're right, Romo hasn't played to his standards, but he played good enough for us to go 2-1 for these past 3 weeks, just our sorry *** coaching/defense gave up a GW drive to the Lions.

    These past 3 weeks

    Romo was pressured on 40% of his throws, tell me one QB who will put up a very good game in that situation, no one will. Despite being pressured on almost half of his throws, Romo still gave this atrocious team the lead THREE different times in the 4th to put the game away, but each time the defense folded giving up the lead yet again. Despite being pressure 40% of the time, Romo still played good enough to pull out the W.

    Grade - B


    Romo had 7-8 dropped balls and 3-4 on critical 3rd downs. We also had multiple penalties and sacks on 3rd down to make it 3rd and longer. Despite this, Romo overcomes all the piss poor play around him and pulls out a GW drive. Out of 50 throws he had about 7 off throws, which is very good. Romo played a good game.

    Grade - A


    Romo was 2-6 entering HALF TIME, like really? How can a QB get into rhythm when play calling looks like this, run, run, run, punt, pass, run, run, run, punt, run, run, pass, punt, ect; He can't. Our play calling was horrible, our creativity was horrible, our adjustments were horrible, our coaching was horrible, our defense was horrible, and our offense was horrible. The biggest gain on the night came when Romo himself put Dez in the slot, that SHOULD tell you something. It's not Romo, it's this ****ty play calling, if you can even call it that. As a team, we "got beat like we stole something".

    Grade - F (Our whole team was putrid)
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    Love Romo. Always have.

    But let's see him with a real OC QB guru. Not this crap we've been slopping all these years.
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    If you want to pick on Games that Romo threw picks and failed at come back at least have the courtesy to list all the games this year and last year that Romo lead the team to win from behind.

    I don't know if he is gun shy or not but I do agree that we should just have Romo call all the plays and see what happens. It really cannot be worse than what Red and Callahan have been doing. Just remind Romo not to abandon the run when you are down by 10 in the 2nd quarter.
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    I am late to the game and didn't read the whole thread, but...

    Does anyone argue the fact that Romo is wildly inconsistent? Even the most devoted disciples of the church of choke?
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    It didn't change my opinion that Tony Romo is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Need some proof? Well there's this:

    Only Brees and Peyton more TD's this season than Tony.

    In the Cowboys 5 losses, Tony has thrown 12 TD's and only 1 interception.

    He is number 6 in passing yards and QB rating.

    Only Aaron Rogers has thrown less INT's than Romo but Romo has 120 more attempts.

    Tony is number 4 in TD to INT ratio

    At 113.2, Romo trails only Peyton in 4th quarter QB ration, and is tied for the lead in TD's in the 4th

    Romo is 6th in the league in passing yards and completion percentage

    Top 10 in passes completed over 25 yards

    Finally he is number 5 in percentage of TD's per attempt, number 7 in passing percentage in close game, number 4 in completion percentage on first down.

    I know some want to assign blame and Tony is always a popular target but the facts are still the facts..
  14. cowboys1981

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    My view of a player doesn't change because of a game; good or bad. Romo didn't play well and we didn't as a team altogether.
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    Won't happen here, unfortunately. The graphic showing JG's record tells the tale. 5-3, 8-8, 8-8, etc.
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    The problem with Romo is that he needs a drive or two to acclimate himself to the game (which in the past wasn't too much of a problem).

    He's fine, the offensive system stinks to high heaven. When you go 0 for 9 on third down and can't sustain drives because of drops, penalites, etc. any QB's rhythm will be much harder to maintain.

    He simply didn't get enough "meaningful" touches of the football because NO was going 80, 90, 70, 80, yards for scores with little to no resistance shortening the game and putting much greater stress on converting when you have the football, if and when you fail it's 7 on the board in an average of 4 minutes.

    In all honesty this game reminded me of an outclassed Madden player who would have had every right to go for it on 4th down the entire game and yet stuck to fundamental football strategy and ended up getting blown out like the Cowboys did yesterday.

    Ironically, the playbook options in Madden are probably better plays than what RHG packages every week. Seriously.
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    You mean like the OC QB Guru Brady has? Or Manning? Or Rogers? Come o
    Seriously, I like your effort, but you clearly pulled numbers out of your magic hat. Please don't just imagine and assume percentages and stats when you're trying to make a real argument.

    Romo has been wildly inconsistent, to say the very least, this season. His woes are mutually exclusive of those that pertain to the defense. He has lacked poise, an ability to read post snap and his ability to "move the pieces into the right place" certainly has to be questioned. The only thing that is certain is, Romo has been given unprecedented control over the Cowboys offense, including game planning with the coaches in the week leading up to the game, and it has been flop. An absolute FLOP. Period.

    Romo can make all the throws. There is absolutely no question about that. He has a great arm, unquestionable talented and, when not handcuffed, a great feel in the pocket. It's becoming very clear, however, that Romo isn't Peyton Manning. He isn't the heady, chess match quarterback they are trying to make him. I don't think you ever handcuff Romo, and you absolutely don't take away from his ability to create, but the coaches have to find a way to control the game a little better in light of Romo.

    Parcells even talked about it before he left. Romo is one of those guys coaches are always going to have to manage. He is always going to want to do too much.
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    Seriously, I like your effort, but if you're going to call act like I'm the one making up stuff, then at least make sure you're correct, geez. You're right though, I was wrong on my stats that I posted off the top of my head. I originally said it was 40%, but now after looking back at the information he was pressured 46.7% on his attempts. Like I said, which is basically half of his attempted passes. Which proves my point even more about the Detroit game. Since 2009 that Detroit game was the most Romo has been pressured, let that sink in for a bit.

    Also, I'm not going to bother debating someone who doesn't feel the need actually look up the information for himself before blindly going with the flow on the Romo hate. Like I said, my statistics I posted are accurate, you can disagree with them and say they're inaccurate but you'd be wrong. :cool:
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    Ok, and now you are going to contrast that number against other teams, and provide a source for your finding, right?
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    Ok and now you're going to admit you're wrong, right? Learn to look up information next time and base your opinion off that, instead of just going with the flow, smh.

    I don't have the exact link to the source, but I'm sure I could get it from Percy if need be. Percy was the one who did the research, all this stuff was posted around Nov 1st.

    Quote from Percy on this exact topic - http://cowboyszone.com/threads/my-last-words-on-dallas-detroit.272393/page-3


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