Did Tampa get too cute??

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CATCH17, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. CATCH17

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    Or did they want Barron all along?

    Also.. I think it's weird the Cowboys never interviewed Claiborne.

    I wonder if they even knew about his wrist injury.

    Im 100% on board with the pick but it seems like all they knew about the guy was based on their film study.

    We got a good one today though. I can't believe we got the best defender in the draft.
  2. Bluestang

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    Brian Baker did talk to Claiborne at the Combine. He was the only coach to do so.

    Scouts had him graded as the best defensive player of the draft and the concensus was at #2 overall on the board.
  3. CATCH17

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    Claiborne said he didn't talk to anyone at anytime that was with the Cowboys.
  4. Bluestang

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    I'm not sure who is wrong here but it was reported that Baker did talk to him.
  5. a_minimalist

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    Def didn't get too cute. They have made some SERIOUS upgrades on their team both in FA and this draft.
  6. Questfor6

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    I think they got cute & thought STL would take Fletcher Cox like some had projected, but I'd say they crapped their pants when they saw us come up there at 6.
  7. Kangaroo

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    I think once they where knocked out of the Trent race for the #3 slot someone made them an offer and they thought it was the smart play so they could still get a player they wanted
  8. johnny utah

    johnny utah Guest

    I think Tampa tried to get too cute. I also thought that Barron looked very disappointed when the bucs drafted him. Like he expected to go elsewhere. I don't know if anyone else noticed that.
  9. InmanRoshi

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    If I were a Tampa fan, I would be pretty pissed. Tampa was in position to take one of the no-brainer consensus blue chips, and instead traded down to take a 2nd tier player and what do they have to show for it? A mere 4th round pick? I liked Barron, but he's not Claiborne. Now at CB they got Talib who's one more off the field incident away from a year long suspension and Rhonde Barber who's about a year away from drawing SSI. Then they traded a 2nd and 3rd to move up to get Doug Martin, who is a good player, but is going to be a shared time platoon back, and I just don't draft a RB anywhere in the 1st round unless I think he's going to be an every down work horse, much less trade up for one. Besides, I'm not sure Martin's skillset is really that much different than Blount's.

    I would be more concerned about Dallas not interviewing Claiborne if they didn't have close ties with Les Miles that would provide way more insight than a face to face chit chat.
  10. Corleone

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    I have read and heard all night that Tampa wanted Barron all along and were planning on taking him at #5 but thought they could pick up an extra pick or two in a trade down, which they did. I can't understand why they would rather have Barron and a 4th/7th over Claiborne but that was apparently their guy and they got him and a couple extra picks.

    It worked out tremendously for us though.:cool:
  11. Deep_Freeze

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    Well Martin is more of a complete back then Blount, Blount is terrible in the passing game and is frequently pulled cause of it. Martin is a good pick for them and could mean Blount becomes a backup.

    As for did Tampa get too cute, it will be hard to tell cause they will spin it in order to look good from their end. They have been connected to Claiborne for forever so for them not to get him, they do have to spin it since Barron did look like a reach cause everyone and their mom knew they needed a DB.

    They needed both a safety and a CB, so it works out either way for them, even though Morris is the much higher rated prospect at a more premium position. Both positions are hard to fill, especially this year, but in retrospect we are sure lucky we went ahead and traded up cause cause we probably would've ended up with Brockers.

    Thats enough to make me do backflips for Mo.
  12. JBell523

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    It's just puzzling to me that TB didn't want Claiborne.

    They hired LSU's DB Coach in the off-season, so they had all the inside info they needed to evaluate Claiborne. And they passed on him.

    It's hard for me to believe that they would risk losing out on their guy for an extra 4th rounder. Barron had to have been their guy all along.
  13. jswalker1981

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    I think they wanted Claiborne, but also liked Barron a lot too. I just think they got a little too cute, and if they wanted Claiborne, should have just taken him. And I'm sure that's why they took Barron where they did. No need to get cute again and trade down, just take him and look to make moves later in the round.
  14. Chocolate Lab

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    No doubt. All that for a safety and a specialty RB?

    Rough times to be an NFL fan in Florida. All three teams are total disasters.
  15. cowboysooner

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    He was not only the last of the blue chips, he was the last of the blue chips at a huge position of need. Barron is a fine player and even if he turns out to be Brian Dawkins that was a perplexing trade.
    There are 3 divisions where you need to be loaded in the secondary and the NFC South is the one with the best tight ends so I guess.
  16. Teague31

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    i think the rams got too cute as well and ended up missing out on both of the elite receivers.
  17. InmanRoshi

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    Reportedly they would have taken Brockers with the 6th pick had they not been able to trade down, so Im not sure they really even wanted the WRs. They gave a life long defensive coach complete control of the franchise, so he's going to put priority on the defense.
  18. Kangaroo

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    I can already tell you the offense they are going to use next year under fisher so they do not need no stinking WR

    Run, run, run, run some more ok now pass run run pass run run run run :wink3:
  19. Sam I Am

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    Maybe Claiborne didn't know Baker was a Cowboys coach! I mean, he can't read or that's what his Wonderlic score suggests anyhow. :laugh2:
  20. JackWagon

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    The Bucs looked stupid unless Barron turns into Reed or Polymalu which i dont think is gonna happen.

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