Did teams Blitz Marino like Drew?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by juck, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. juck

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    I mean there is a lot of immobile QBs from all the years past.
  2. Hostile

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    Blitzing Marino was suicide. Too accurate with too quick a release. He was blitzed, but nothing like what we saw Sunday.
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    No, Marino had maybe the quickest release in history. Despite being unable to move, he didn't get sacked much.
  4. juck

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    ok I just youtubed old marino clips and he is in the shotgun with a back next to him in almost every play,especially when the blitz wason.He also dropped back many steps.
  5. theogt

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    He didn't move around, but he had a quick release and made quick reads. There's nothing wrong with not being a running QB. Heck, most of them aren't, but when you can't make a decision and when you do make that decision your release is painstakingly slow, you're in trouble.
  6. sbark

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    Considering Marino seldom had the benefit of a strong running game,

    but yes his release was just too quik, recognition by all on the team ala P Manning of the blitz origin

    seemed like Clayton and Duper were always behind the secondary....

    Shula put his players in position to suceed......their center of that time was unreal....Stephonson? i beleive was just the best at blitz recog and pickup...

    They were the only team to knock off the85 bears with buddy Ryans 41D---which was just unreal in being able to bring the kitchen....
    they handled it and knocked them off, preserving the dolphins as the only perfect season record
  7. Hostile

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    Good post. Fouts wasn't mobile either, but he could kill teams.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Contrary to popular myth, Marino DID move around, it just wasn't much. He moved just enough to avoid the pass-rusher but was able to do so while still keeping his eyes downfield. He was NOT a scrambler, but he had excellent footwork and moved as much as he needed to.

    As others have said, Marino had a VERY quick release but he also had incredible pocket presence and awareness of the pass rush.

    Bledsoe, and others like him, tend to focus on the rusher and not keep their eyes downfield or else they look downfield and are completely unaware of the pass rush.

    It is a VERY difficult trick to master (I know, I've tried and failed for the most part). You have to keep your eyes downfield, absorbing everything in your view without focusing on anything close to you. It allows you to see the pass rush, the receivers in their patterns, your blockers, even the game clock, without completely focusing on any of them. Being able to take in all of that input and make decisions on it is the difference between a great QB and a guy with talent.

    Marino was the best I've ever seen at this, Bledsoe is one of the worst, at least of the better QBs, Chad Hutchinson was probably the worst I've ever seen. Bernie Kosar was another guy who was pretty good at it and needed to be since he was as much of a statue as Bledsoe but he had a better feel for the rush the Drew does.
  9. Rack Bauer

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    You don't have to run a fast 40 to be able to move around in the pocket. Marino was great at it.

    Added with his extremely quick release (still haven't seen anyone with a release like his), it was hard to get to him.
  10. StanleySpadowski

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    Namath's may have been quicker than Marino's.

    Someone mentioned Bernie Kosar. He may have been the most slow afoot of any skill player in NFL history. He'd have lost a footrace to Aaron Gibson carrying Nate Newton, but he only needed to slide a foot or two one way or the other to buy time. That's something Bledsoe's never had.

    Bledsoe's mobility reminds me of Randall Cunningham in a sense. I can't think of two other players who didn't make any effort to avoid a sack or when they did move in the pocket they more often than not stepped into the sack rather than avoiding it.

    Cunningham was a terrific runner and I've always said that Bledsoe is very underrated as far as scrambling goes but that's a far cry from pocket presence and in-pocket mobility.

    Bledsoe has said himself that he can beat Tom Brady in a race, but Brady's another who moves well in the pocket.
  11. jcblanco22

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    A few have hit on it in this thread; Marino knew how to move within the pocket, although he was life and death to get even inches outside of it. Thumper really provided a great analysis of Marino's unique ability to look downfield and feel the rush simultaneously.

    One thing I will add having seen Marino's final seasons up close (I'm including all the ones from '94-'99 when I say that, since those were his post-Achilles injury years), the blitzing became much more effective against him in those years. He also suffered more of a drop-off in talent at receiver once Jimmy came on board in '96 and opted not to re-sign Irving Fryar, who had done a great job of holding the fort down for a few seasons after Clayton and Duper retired, and tried replacing him with Fred Barnett. Fryar's exit and the bad luck they suffered with Yatil Green never getting healthy helped contribute to Marino's problems too.

    Drew has no such issues at the receiver position, so hopefully he can turn it around somewhat against the blitz.
  12. bbgun

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    Miami's o-line was never as wretched as ours and Dan had a lightning quick release. End of story.
  13. JMead

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    To tell you the truth I dont think the blitz was as big of a part of playing defense then as it is now. So I dont think Marino got blitzed nearly as much as Drew not because of his quick release but because it just wasnt a big thing then as it is now. I honestly dont remember much blitzing from anyone back then. Most of the time it was just 1 extra guy going in and now its like 3 or more.

    It seems the defense is getting better while the offenses are still living in the past.
  14. BLT

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    from what people have said.. marino was the hardest person to sack back in the day.
  15. slick325

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    You nailed this. Marino had great footwork! Of course as everyone else stated he also had a super quick release. But his footwork in the pocket was great!

    On another note, I think Donovan McNabb has the best footwork in the game right now. People think of him as a scrambler but he is a mobile pocket passer if the title actually exists. As painful as it is, take a look at his footwork on the 80 yard bomb when he side-stepped Ellis. A piece of art if you are an up and coming QB trying to get tips from the pros. Peyton Manning has good footwork as well for a not so mobile QB.
  16. Juke99

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    Marino had GREAT footwork.

    That doesn't mean he was able to scramble because he wasn't. But if he needed to take a quick step or two in the pocket to buy time, he was great at it.

    And he had the quickest release this side of Joe Namath.

    No, blitzing him was a BAD idea. Remember what he did to Buddy Ryan's undefeated, high pressure, defense?
  17. JMead

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    No but I do remember how the Bills were his daddy.
  18. jem88

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    This is a great thread. It's nice to read some analytical posts rather than the usual guarantees and bold statements.
  19. Juke99

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    I believe the Bears were 12-0...they had only allowed more than one TD in 3 games...Ryan's 46 defense was blitzing and dominating every opponent.

    Marino and the Dolphins put up 38 points that night in a 38-24 win.
  20. JMead

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    What year was that... 85? Would have been nice to see as I hate the Bears as much as I hate the Pats.

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