Did the Cowboys not learn anything from the Claiborne trade-up?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by PSU999, May 12, 2014.

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    Good teams have depth but also have a crop of players who are impact/difference makers.

    Dallas didn’t have one of the latter at RDE which alongside the three technique DT is what makes this scheme “go”.

    If we went with what we had then in all likelihood our ability to improve the defense sufficiently would be limited.

    If we went down the FA route we would probably have had to overspend to get even a half decent player.

    In this instance I think they made the right decision.
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    Without these trade ups dallas would have most likely came away with:

    Michael Brockers, Bobby Wagner, Kony Ealy and Trae Turner

    Instead of

    Mo Claiborne and Demarcus Lawrence

    Interesting to think about
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    This is a good example of the long term cost of trading up early in the draft. No wonder there are so many holes to fill.
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    The Rams were taking Brockers that year no matter where they were picking.
  5. Eric_Boyer

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    the only way this works out is if Martin becomes a great tackle, or is markedly better at guard then what was available in round three.

    The reason being the trade was so overpriced they could of reached and grabbed Lawrence with the 16th pick, another solid DT in the second, and a guard like Turner in the third.

    Is Martin going to be worth the other two guys we could of had?
  6. Toruk_Makto

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    Where is the uproar in trading up for Dez?
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    we swapped the 90th for the 119th pick to move up for Dez. without checking trade value charts, I'm going to go ahead and say this is not the same type of bad deal.
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    The Mo deal looks bad but I am not totally against targeting a guy aggressively. You just better be right.
  9. ghst187

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    basically, we'll forget about the trade if Lawrence turns out to be a baller. If he's like Frederick and balls, we'll hail the front office as genius, if he fails like Claiborne, we'll assail the front office for giving up the pick and essentially a possible starter at another position. Personally, I didn't like the trade but I will if he ends up starting and in the PB. At that point of course, we'll have hindsight and they didn't have that in this case. I continually berate the front office for the 2009 draft when they DIDN'T trade up to get a few quality players but rather stayed put and drafted absolute crap. I prefer to lose a few picks and get quality starters than relive the 2009 draft strategy again, if given the choice. Time will tell. (although I will say that I was calling the '09 draft the worst I'd seen the day after and it held to be correct haha)
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    This can be looked at any number of ways. For me it comes down to where the Cowboys scouts and coaches had Martin and Lawrence rated. They had Martin rated top 10 and Lawrence rated top 20. Coming out of any draft with two top 20 players is pretty good.

    If you are a draft chart type of guy then just look at that to get your values.

    The 20th ranked player is worth 850 points. On the Cowboys draft board, that's what Lawrence was worth on the chart.

    Picks #47 and #78 are worth 450 and 210 points. So, you could say they traded 660 points to get 850.

    Of course, many will say that it was the 2nd pick of the 2nd round they got, so that's the points for Lawrence you should look at. But by doing that, you miss the crux of why Dallas made the trade. They had Lawrence as the 20th best player in this deep draft... at a position of dire need. That is why they paid what they did. They did not see him as a second round player, so that wasn't his value to them.

    So coming out with Martin and Lawrence is, by the Cowboys definition, a big win.

    Which leaves us arguing if Dallas rated Lawrence correctly... and that is more than I have time to go into here. However, I will say that the Dallas scouts and coaches have been doing a really nice job finding players early ever since about 2010, so I have quite a bit of confidence that Lawrence will play like a first round pick. Not to mention that of all the coaches in the NFL, I think Marinelli is probably one of the better one's at finding guys who fit what he wants on his DL.
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