Did we overpay for spencer?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RoundRock Fan, Apr 28, 2007.

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    I started hearing a lot about Spencer for last 2 weeks before the draft. Although my first choice was a CB (preferably Revis but knew he wouldn't be there) and 2nd was a WR (Meacham/Bowe), I'm more then happy with the Spencer selection IF it helps our pass rush as much as I think. Phillips is building the Cowboy defense in the image of the great SD pass rush and he needed a young player opposite Ware. Getting a #1 pick which probably turns out to be a top 10 pick for a 3rd & 5th (would have preferred not giving the 5th rounder up but while split hairs) is a great deal.
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    The Eagles were not going to take Spencer....He is a 3-4 RUSH OLB not a 4-3 LB or DE...I don't think we overpaid either. We got a first for NEXT year with a team that has a HISTORY of taking top 5 or top 10 picks...This was a no-brainer. Spencer will be a BEAST in Wade's 3-4. Now if Parcells was the coach I may not have liked this pick at all, considering how he would have been used.
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    why do people insist on mixing the 2 trades? Having a 1st next year has absolutly nothing to do with the trade to get spencer. According to the trade valuechart we overpaid by about 30 pts. which is a late rounder probably the 5th we had to give. A 3rd and a 5th to move 8 spots from 34 to 26 is a bit steep, but overpaying a 5th rouder to get the only guy you were interested in doesn't seem like much.
    What I'm saying is maybe we overpaid on paper, but it was well worth it.
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    What are you even talking about...:bang2:

    Ummm did you watch any Perdue games last year, or let alone any draft footage or read any prospect profiles leading up to the draft?!? He was a defensive end in college. :rolleyes: We DRAFTED him to be 3-4 OLB. Players can switch positions to meet teams' needs, such as ours (Akin Ayodele was a defensive end in college, and here he is in the flesh as a 3-4 lb; Ditto for Shaun Phillips). He will be use in the 3-4 capacity here, but he WOULD have gone to the Eagles and played as a defensive end in the 4-3. And yes, the Eagles WERE going to select Anthony Spencer contrary to your statement, because Jevon Kearse will be gone after this year, and they would have drafted Spencer to be the defensive end (in the 4-3, by the way) of the future.

    That has abosoultely nothing to do with us selecting Anthony Spencer; we selected Spencer with the EAGLES pick, not our own, which we traded away to the Browns for thier 2008 1st overall pick. I don't know how you got confused, or connected Anthony Spencers value being tied to the Browns pick that they gave to us. Judging by all the recievers still left on the draft board, we still would have selected Anthony Spencer at no. 22.

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