Did We Sign Brock Berlin?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by philo beddoe, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Haven't seen where we did at this point. Reports were that he had a great workout. Will we be taking him to camp or not? Thoughts?
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    What reports?
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    can you provide the reports where it said he had a great workout?
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    Here you go:

  5. Bob Sacamano

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    I had a great work out but it wasn't reported!:laugh2:

    wonder why?
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    Bravissimo. That comes from the bottom of my butt. :laugh2::bow:
  8. philo beddoe

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    I believe ol' Mickey S. said so, or at least it was on the official website.
  9. philo beddoe

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    From DallasCowbys.com ole brillinat ones....note line I have highlighted. Philo gets it right...you fellas crying for a report, may I suggest you do a liitle research for yourselves for a change. A few pecks on a Google search got me this information. Geez.

    I also underlined more info about Richardson for those of you same few who laughed him off as nothing more than training camp fodder.

    Let's just say all Cowboy fans should be glad you self proclaimed football pundits are not "selecting the groceries". :laugh2:

    Great tidbits Philo....

    From DallasCowboys.com

    IRVING, Texas - The prevailing calm the past 1½ weeks out here at The Ranch was interrupted late Tuesday morning with a workout. Make that three workouts and a visit scheduled for Wednesday.
    A stream of Cowboys assistant coaches, scouts and personnel guys headed out to the practice field where the team worked out three street free agents, guys still trying to latch on to an NFL career. The Cowboys ended up signing one of those guys, backup offensive lineman Jim Molinaro, and are preparing for a visit from veteran safety Ken Hamlin, the former Arkansas Razorback who has played the past four seasons with Seattle.
    Hamlin, an unrestricted free agent, was a 2003 second-round pick of the Seahawks, and has played in 54 games over the past four seasons. He did miss 10 games in 2005 after suffering severe head injuries in an altercation outside a Seattle club. But Hamlin returned in 2006 to start 16 games.
    The most prominent name among the three players working out on Tuesday belonged to Brock Berlin, once the nation's top high school recruit from Shreveport (La.) Evangel Christian Academy who went on to play quarterback at the University of Florida before transferring to the University of Miami. Berlin, signed by Miami as a non-drafted rookie free agent in 2005, went to training camp with the Dolphins the past two summers but never made a roster or a practice squad.
    The other two guys joining him on the team's practice field on Tuesday were Molinaro, a three-year NFL veteran the Redskins decided against issuing even a minimum restricted free agency tender ($850,000), and intriguing wide receiver Jamel Richardson, who spent the past three seasons playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL.
    While the Cowboys got Molinaro signed, they still are interested in signing the other two players, probably to not much more than minimum-type contracts. They will, though, have to wait on Richardson, a CFL free agent who has a window of opportunity to seek an NFL contract. The wide receiver already had a visit planned with Indianapolis.
    With the Cowboys likely to bring four quarterbacks to training camp this summer, at least one Cowboys assistant coach would have some product knowledge of Berlin, a two-year starter for the Hurricanes (2003-04) following his year of ineligibility (2002) for transferring from Florida. Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett was the quarterbacks coach for the Dolphins the past two seasons when Berlin went to training camp with the Dolphins.
    Berlin was released basically on the last cut each summer, but did spend the 2006 season playing for the Hamburg Sea Devils of NFL Europe. That season he completed 99 of 181 passes for 1,041 yards, seven touchdowns and seven interceptions.
    The Cowboys are certain to bring starter Tony Romo and veteran backup Brad Johnson to training camp, but after that the other potential two quarterback slots are uncertain. The Cowboys do own the rights to Matt Baker, the rookie who was signed to the team's practice squad on Sept. 4 of last season.
    But it's no foregone conclusion he will go to camp with the club. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has mentioned the distinct possibility of drafting a quarterback this year, most likely on the second day, or at least signing a rookie free agent - and possibly both.
    Signing Berlin, who evidently had a good workout, would likely leave just one opening at the quarterback position, which would go to either Baker or a guy selected in the draft or signed as a rookie free agent.
    Of the other two guys, Richardson would be considered the most intriguing. The 6-3, 215-pound wide receiver never played major college ball, having spent two years at Victory Valley College, the junior college in the High Desert of Southern California before signing with the Roughriders in 2004.
    Richardson was having a breakout year early in the 2006 season, having caught 16 passes for 270 yards (16.9 avg.) and two touchdowns before breaking bones in his foot in the fourth game. He spent the remainder of the season on injured reserve. The Cowboys signed Molinaro for his ability to back up at tackle and guard. The former fifth-round pick out of Notre Dame has played in 15 NFL games over three years with Washington, but only three in 2005 and just one in 2006, when he was active for only five games.
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    No but, "good" is far better than "sucks big time" though. I like the ide of Brock and am sick of some you self proclaimed pundits offhandidly dismissing out of the box ideas. May I suggest you fellas remember, "a mind is like a parachute, in order to work properly it must be open".:lmao2:

    Oh, BTW, I noticed that Chris Redman (another one of Philos ideas) just got picked up by the Falcons. It's high time many of you sit up and take notice.
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    Enough is enough.


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