Did you play football?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Crazed Liotta Eyes, Aug 7, 2012.

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    I know this isn't really Cowboy related but I'm curious to hear posters tell their own tales of football glory. To what level did you play football and give an honest assesment, how good were you and what position(s) did you play? What is your greatest football memory as a player?

    For me, I played through high school and I have no problem admitting that I wasn't a great player. although I was always good enough to start. I was a much better baseball player and just never had the reckless abandon required to throw my body around in football. I was a tight end on offense and a cornerback on D but I think I played on some of the worst teams in the history of Texas football. I actually was never on the winning side of a football game if you can believe that! In Jr. high, we literally scored one touchdown the entire season and that was on a blocked punt. We were the whipping boys other teams drooled over on the schedule. I think I still have the cleat print on my forehead from a running back who ended up being an all american at Florida State on his way to a long TD run. :)

    I imagine a post like this has been made before so apologies in advance if something similar has been posted recently. The search engine kept yielding too many results when I looked for it.
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    Played in 7th grade, got a concussion and my mother would not allow me to play after that. Hated her for it at the time but have come to appreciate her decision.
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    played from pee-wee all the way through college. played for a DII school.

    i was a DE in a weird 5-2 front in high school (basically an OLB in a 3-4). Then a more traditional OLB in a 3-4 in college.

    My fondest memory was a game in which we were playing one of our regional rivals at homecoming. We were down 21-17 in the final 3 minutes of the game and their offense was threatening within our 20. Coach called a crash stunt where the DT takes a strong side step for QB contain and I blitz to the weakside. I DESTROYED the QB (he never saw me) and the ball went flying. I recovered it in the scrum and our offense was able to drive down the field and win the game.
  4. fifaguy

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    Didn't play football,

    Although I did a semester as an intern, Strength and Conditioning at the University of Delaware. I worked almost exclusively with their football team.

    It was an amazing experience. There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to a football team. I would love to tell some stories, but there are so many to share! Had two players from that year go to the NFL, Pat Devlin - went to Miami and Gino Gradkowski - Ravens. If anyone has any semi specific questions, I'd love to share/answer them.
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    played in 8th grade and got hurt running back the first games opening kick off!! lol. I got hurt a lot and quit. I was way skinny but i was a hell of a wr and cb/safety and return man for the short time lol. maybe thats why i always lose in madden i dont know defense near as much as i wish i did.
  6. RS12

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    Played LB at a C level high school, entire school was 600 kids 9-12. While I was pretty good and we had some good teams, I was neither big enough nor quick twitch enough to go any further. Some great memories though. Known for my strip/swipe ala Pat Swilling.
  7. The30YardSlant

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    Played through high school and then walked-on my freshman year at A&M. Gave it up to focus on school.
  8. RamziD

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    Played football in the street in front of my house. To this day, I still throw 25-yard bombs to my cousin on Thanksgiving.
  9. Muhast

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    Played my entire life. Started both ways at a 5a high school for 3 years. I was a pretty good high school player. Went to blinn college and called it a career. Moved back to ga and played semi pro football for two years. Im 26 now and working full time so no more football, but I played 20 years of my life lol.
  10. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Played in middle school. Was pretty good. I'll never forget in 8th grade I was playing tackle I believe and I literally got my team a first down by myself. Everyone at school was talking about it. It was an awesome feeling. I was a pretty big dude at that time. I was 5"10, 280 lbs. Now I'm about 6"2, 250 lbs. Anyways shortly After that though my grades started slipping. I failed Spanish because I never did the work because I felt like I was a ******. Got kicked off the team. That was pretty much the end of my football career.
  11. Frozen700

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    Yeah I played....loved it too

    Then got caught up with a few chicks, was working with my dad on his business on the side, so i said F it. Also even though i had decent grades through HS, I was kind of in and out of trouble, over stupid things though, so that didn't help.

    Still had love for the sport so i joined a few leagues, played in them, and still currently do. Mainly Corner, Safety when asked to, and some WR(Usually used when a big play deep is needed)

    But yeah, Corner is my love!

    Wish i would have stayed focused on football instead of females during HS.
  12. Wimbo

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    High School TE and DB. I sucked. :(
  13. weaver21

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    Played from pee wee's through high school as a wide receiver and cornerback. Amazing times during my high school days as we were a pretty dominating team throughout my four years and this included a State Title in my senior year. My favorite moment had to be when I "broke-out" out onto the scene in my junior year as I believe I had over 120 yards and two touchdowns including the game-winner in the final game against our cross-town rivals. Ah, brings back great memories...

    However, I dealt injuries when I started college (broke my left collarbone twice in the same season and a concussion), so I decided to stop playing and focus on school. I also became a dad when I was 20 years old so that played a factor into it.
  14. esmith1790

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    I played little league for 4 years. ,8,9,10, 11. I was so bright and could understand concepts better then anyone at 7 or 8. I took the SATs for high school exam at 8 years old.

    I was the RB, DB, LB, all the above. The fastest one on my team because my reaction time was almost perfect, i could diagnose a play and understand u dont run at the player but to the hole or spot. i had the angle of attack down to a science.

    I didnt play in JR or SR high, was too small and short.

    I did get paid 10.00 a touchdown on Offense and 5.00 a turnover on defense.

    Not sure playing players is legal back then or today.

    After every game the coach would pay me.
  15. pancakeman

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    I played a fair amount as a kid.

    (I'm assuming the version of football where you fold paper into a triangle and flick it across a table counts.)

    THUMPER Papa

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    I played from about age 5 through my late 40s. Played one year in high school but started on the varsity at OLB. Played semi-pro ball for 3 years from 1978-1981 at a bunch of positions: QB, FB, TE, C, OG, DT, DE, MLB, OLB.

    I am 6'3" and played in high school at 205 lbs but semi pro at about 235 lbs.

    As a standout in high school, John McKay, who was the HC at USC, came to see me play at my coach's request. He was impressed with my athletic ability but said my attitude was terrible and he would not want me on his team. I had been flagged for 3 personal fouls before being ejected from the game. I also sacked the QB 4 times and had 6 tackles for a loss as well as a TD I scored on a ball I just took out of the RBs hands, an INT and 3 passes knocked down.

    I was the best player on the team by a long ways but only played my freshman year and didn't play in college.

    I was crushed by his comments and due to a number of injuries I didn't play football in pads again for 5 years.

    I was dominant on the playground even in the last few years I played (I was between 265 - 280 then). I always had a good arm and loved to play the game. The only position I wasn't good at was DB, I was fast but didn't have the fluidity to play coverage very well.

    I always thought I could have played in the NFL if not for the injuries but the reality is that I didn't have the mental makeup to dedicate myself the way I needed to to be a pro. I played because I loved the game.
  17. Zimmy Lives

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    Played center at Baylor until I blew out a knee. Best memory is getting my butt kicked by Ray Childress in high school and while he was at A&M. : )
  18. TheCowboy

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    I played throughout high school. As a freshman I was a backup tailback on offense and backup linebacker on defense, so I spent the majority of my time on the bench. My sophomore through senior year I as starting at tailback. I split carries with other backs though. Our QB sucked and the WRs couldn't catch a cold, so we relied on our running game for the most part. We had three backs in the backfield: fullback, halfback, and tailback. I was more of the speed guy like Felix so I got the draw plays and sweeps to the outside. I didn't get as many opportunities as I would have liked because coach was a pound it up the middle for two yards kind of guy.
  20. Crazed Liotta Eyes

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    LOL, depending on what era you're talking about, you were way ahead of your time.

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