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Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, May 2, 2011.

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    Been a Cowboy fan for 37 years... Been to a few games at the old stadium and got to go watch Dallas kill Seattle in the new one...Everyone in my hometown knows I am a die hard Cowboy fan so I usually catch a lot of heat when we lose. I guess the one thing that bothers me about some Cowboys fans is the fact they don't like Romo while I think Romo is a very good QB who can take us to the big game. I think Jerry is a good owner although I think Stephen will be much better when he takes over. I love to hunt and fish and used my Hunting/Fishing name as my username to make things simple. I think the Cowboys will finish 10-6 this year and will go deep in the playoffs since I believe that Rob Ryan will improver our defense alot. I do think we need to replace Alan Ball and hope we get Huff from the Raiders.....Go COWBOYS!!

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