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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TheCowboy, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Well January 1st was the start of this diet that I have been on. I'm still confused on what diet I am actually on haha.

    I started out 300 lbs even on January 1st and weighed myself today and was 287. I was on the low carb Atkins diet, but I know that is not the best diet to be doing. You are limited to 20 net carbs per day. So I have eaten eggs, tuna, steak, chicken, ect.

    I was reading one day of a list of food that contains some sort of fat burner in them. My diet would be oatmeal with green tea in the morning, tuna and an apple for lunch, and basically anything for dinner that would be considered diet. Still no white foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes and rice.

    On the other hand, this diet says that fruits such as grapefruit and apples can burn fat, brown rice, whole wheat products, and oatmeal can lose weight but all these foods are against the Atkins diet. It's obvious this diet seems healthier, but which one is more efficient? I exercise a lot so that is not a worry.

    Here is some links:
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    If you cut out breads and red meat, that's a good start. Focus on raw vegetables and things like that. Good luck.
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    Kristi earlier mentioned My Fitness Pal. It's a free app, and it's excellent.

    I can't praise it enough. The main thing is that it has almost every single food item from home and any restaurant, so you're not left guessing how many calories you just ate. You can look up almost anything BEFORE you eat it, and use it to determine how much or how little you need to chowing down. Portion control is huge. Just last night, I was was about to destroy a whole plate of Olive Garden fettuccine alfredo, but we punched it into the app and saw that it was 800 calories. Since I already had consumed about 1700 on the day, I slowed down and only ate about half.

    The app also helps a lot because you can add friends/family and stay on top of each other. It's much easier to lose weight when someone else is going through it together with you and helping to motivate you. It's not 100% necessary though.

    Here are some important things to remember:

    1) Weight loss and gain are simple math. Figure out what amount of calories that you should be eating per day. For example, my number is 2300. Now, to lose weight, you just have to stay under that number. It's really that simple.

    2) How do you it? Not as easy, but definitely possible. Don't treat it as prison. Eat what you like in moderation. Figure out what's healthy and what's not. Did you know that two slices of bacon is less than 200 calories? Combine that with egg whites, and a piece of whole wheat toast, and you got yourself a pretty great breakfast. So it doesn't have to be awful. You just have to learn what's good and bad.

    3) Cut out sugar almost completely. Whole fruits are fine because you'll get plenty of fiber with the sugars. You should absolutely stay away from soda and juice. Diet sodas and coke zero are find overall (in moderation), but sugary sodas are the devil. Any type of juice is very bad too. Desserts in moderation are ok, because you have a better chance at keeping up with a disciplined diet if you allow yourself to eat some of the things that you like.

    4) Limit carbs and red meat as much as possible. You don't need to cut either out all the way. Atkins doesn't completely work. That's why it's not as popular anymore. Complex carbs are excellent. Just know that there's a huge difference between the carbs of steel cut oatmeal, bran, brown rice or whole grain toast vs. wonderbread. Brown rice and oatmeal in moderation are great for your goals because they'll fill you up and keep you full for longer.

    5) Exercise, but don't kill yourself too early. Set small goals at first. Run for 2 mins straight and then briskly walk for a few and be done with it. You can increase as you desire. Don't go out trying to run a marathon immediately, because you'll just get dejected and quit completely. Baby steps are key. Plus, if your diet is under control, you'll find that you are losing weight and you'll have more energy.

    6) Weight yourself every morning and write it down somewhere. Whether on a notepad on your fridge, on twitter, facebook, or wherever. Write it down so you can see where you're going with all this. My Fitness Pal also gives you a graph to track your weight, so use that too. Just do it every day.

    Those are some tips that I use personally, and that I give to many people in my line of work. PM me if I can help any further.
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    imo you don't have to make sweeping changes. Cut out any drink with sugar, other than a small glass of OJ once a week or so. Reduce prepared stuff like "breakfast squares" that has 10 or more grams of sugar. Make sure to eat at least 2 servings of vegetables overy day. Keep lifting 3 days a week and add in a day of basketball or running or raquetball or something and get in long walks on your off days. Keep track of what you eat and don't snack on junk food, a good rule is if you're not hungry enough to eat an apple, don't eat.
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    You just need to figure out how many calories it takes you to lose weight and fit the foods you like into that amount of calories.

    If you want to take it to the next level than you count your macronutrients a little more. It doesn't have to be perfect but something close to 40 Pro 40 Carb & 20 percent fat is ideal.

    The foods you eat does not matter for weight loss. The amount of food does.

    Thats why when im dieting I try to stick to cleaner foods. Plus I bought a food scale so I can be more accurate.

    For example. Instead of your cereal you could have 80 grams of Oats with water, cinnamon, and stevia mixed in. Thats only 300 Calories and it will keep you feeling full.

    If you needed 1700 calories to lose weight you could just skip a meal and cram down 1400 calories in your next meal.

    I rely on foods that are low calorie and high in volume though. Turkey sandwiches, rice cakes, oatmeal, fruit, stuff like that.

    If something else comes up like a big greasy hamburger than I will adjust the rest of my calories.

    For example i'll have 150-300 cals for breakfast 800-1100 for the big greasy hamburger, and a couple of scoops of protein for dinner. (could do a sandwich or something around 300 cals too).

    You don't need to cut out anything but you need to moderate everything. Even your fruit and veggies.
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    I second this app. I am using it and it is a great little app for calorie counting.
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    If you like to eat alot of brown foods. Brown rice, wheat bread with your food. You body works double to break them down. Actually rising your metabolism.

    cardio, and weights. Lifiting lighter weight faster and more reps help alot. Keeps your strength and builds endurance.

    And i use this when i get run down with work. I use it for energy but my girl uses it when she needs to lose 5 lbs here and there from time to time. Coffee bean pill. Look it up
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    Lots of "broscience" here...but some general tips:

    1. Make sure you're in a caloric deficit (burn more calories than you intake through your diet)

    2. Shoot for a gallon of water a day, and start integrating green tea, black coffee, etc (no fruit drinks, soda and so forth)

    3. Try and get 30 minutes of physical activity every day

    4. Eat nutrient dense foods and stay away from processed food

    This is very general but they're solid guidelines to follow. Good luck.
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    You say lots of broscience and then you say "no fruit drinks, soda, and so forth. Stay away from processed foods".

    Are you saying he can't lose weight if he has some of that stuff?
  10. TheSport78

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    It depends on how quickly he wants to reach his goals and target bodyweight. Soda and MOST processed foods aren't going to help you accomplish your goals. It's not broscience, just common sense. The body doesn't need processed sugars from soda and candy, and it's pretty detrimental in my opinion.
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    As noted in several posts, there are a lot of good suggestions out there. My only suggestion is that you be patient with yourself and that you think long term and persist with your efforts. When I had my heart surgery about a year and a half ago (due to a defective Aortic valve), I had to establish a walking routine and a committment to maintaining a healthy diet. It has larely been effective, but it requires me to get up early and do my routine, regardless of the previous day.
    As noted above, it does not have to be complicated. If you persist, you will be successful. Good luck!:)
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    He can still lose weight drinking Soda if he fits it into his Calorie and Macronutrients.

    It's not going to change the speed in which he loses weight. It's probably not as healthy for him but if he eats a well balanced Diet and throws in a Dr.Pepper or a Candy Bar it's not going to hurt him in the long run.

    I've lost a ton of weight and I eat whatever I want. I just moderate it within a calorie limit and meet my deficit. I eat more nutrient dense food as the majority of my diet but I don't avoid anything unless I can't fit it into my calorie intake.

    It works. All these other diets are just a waste of time. Im not saying they won't work but all of these diets work because you end up creating a calorie deficit.
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    Hey bro check out Dr. William Davis' work.

    Basically, according to Davis, one ought to cut out all forms of wheat (as the wheat plant has been altered from its more natural form into a pernicious gut busting form).

    No grains, rice, bread, potatoes. Cut those carbs out.

    Eat your meat (red meat is totally fine), nuts, seeds, olives, raw vegetables, and avocados.

    Limit your fruit to 1 or 2 servings...(don't want to consume too much sugar)

    Avoid the carbs. And soda is a no-no.
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    There are actually recent studies that show calories are not always equal, so we can agree to disagree on that.

    Sure, he can keep soda in his diet, and ingest those harmful additives and extra calories that aren't going to benefit his body composition at all, but it won't be helping him in the long run. I agree that too much of anything isn't a good thing, and that moderation is the key. However, for someone who's in the beginning stages of a lifestyle change (I refuse to call it a diet change), sometimes drastic is the way to go. Cut the foods out that you know aren't helping you accomplish your goal(s).

    That's great you can essentially eat anything and still lose weight, but everyone's physiology and metabolism is different. There can be a distinct difference in one's metabolism between a 18 year old and a 44 year old (not saying you're either age).

    Again, it's up to the individual and like you, I've found a routine that works for me.


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    I was up to 275 pounds at the end of June last year. I had always been fairly light and weighed 180 pounds in high school and am 6'2.

    Basically the only thing I did was replace soda with water and cut down on my portion sizes. I use to eat til I was STUFFED and started to exercise a bit more, nothing heavy, mostly walking and riding an exercise bike a few days a week.

    I have lost 45 pounds, and counting. I honestly believe that soda was the biggest reason for my ballooning, I use to drink a 2 liter of soda pretty much every day. I would highly recommend trying to cut it out of your diet, it is easier than you think.
  16. CATCH17

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    Drinking Soda wasn't your problem. Drinking 2 liters of it a day was your problem.

    I personally don't drink any calories when im on a diet. Water, Green Tea or Coffee only. But if I needed a Soda real bad I would drink 1.

    Luckily I can stand Diet Soda's so I can get my fix that way and not consume any calories if I need one.
  17. Doomsday

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    Youre probably right, moderation is the key with anything but I will say when you are thirsty and it is there it is easy to cheat. I will still drink a soda on occasion, but it is the exception now instead of the norm.
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    Complex carbs ("whole grain ___" should be first ingredient on label) instead of simple which are basically comprised of 1 or 2 sugars. Don't like wheat? Try oats, spelt, kamut, quinoa, etc. or legumes. Complex carbs are burned more slowly because they're long-chain molecules so you get a more steady source of fuel, plus the foods that contain them are usually good sources of soluble fibre which helps lower LDL cholesterol.

    Exercise first thing in the morning. Jump-starts your metabolism for the day, plus getting the work out of the way early means you don't have to dread having to do it later in the day when you're mentally tired.
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    The guy is talking about weight loss, not "health".

    Those that are arguing lean meat over fatty meat, it absolutely does not matter what you eat in the context of weight gain, if the calories are kept the same. Consumption of fat does not mean, your body will gain fat, just like consumption of muscle from a bird, will not cause one to gain muscle. It's amazing how much common sense is thrown out the door when it concerns food.

    The arguments against a 'fatty' diet are actually rooted in issues of health (bogus or not) and not weight gain. The weight gain is because of the extra calories taken in, not because one is eating protein, as opposed to a carb or vice verse.

    Again, one can simply google the "Twinkie Diet", as one of many evidences about this point.

    On the other hand, certain diets, in my opinion, can possibly cause deficiencies in nutrients. This may cause an urge within for a particular food that possesses that nutrient, which the brain knows based upon knowledge of past experience, causing the eating of more calories, but, again the weight gain is because of the extra calories.
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    Think about it from the perspective of common sense... Do you lift with the fat that is hanging off your body? No... So by shedding body, fat how would you lose strength. Strength increase and decrease is a matter of usage, i.e. whether or not you challenge your muscles and provide them the necessary rest and nutrients to recuperate, will dictate whether or not you lose strength.

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