Dion Jordan

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by IAmLegend, Dec 23, 2012.

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    Dion Jordan

    6'6" 245 lbs.

    DE/OLB - Oregon

    NFL Scout Jimmy O’Brien: "Possesses high level speed and athleticism, with plus burst and closing ability. Slightly weak upper body hurts at the point of attack, making Jordan a below average inline run defender. He's an intriguing prospect. Shows huge promise getting to the quarterback. Not a pure speed rusher, but, as Andrew noted, hand use is excellent, with a notable proficiency for keeping opponents off his chest (uses his hands as aggressively as anyone in the PAC 12). Tries a wide array of rush moves (rip, club, swim, spin), most of which are, at least at times, effective – could be just scratching the surface of his rush potential. Can break down in space, though appears a bit stiff moving laterally, or when occasionally in coverage; still, displays enough cover ability for 3-4 OLB. As a highly versatile defender, capable of assuming multiple positions and hybrid roles, could be a highly sought after player come April."

    Not sure if he'll be around when we pick, because something tells me he will shoot up draft boards after the combine. I wouldn't trade up for him, but if he's available when we pick I'd love to have him. His upside is incredible with a 6'6 frame and long arms with his his speed and athleticism. Plus, he fills a position of need. He can play OLB in a 3-4 or DE in a 4-3 when he puts on some weight. He relies mainly on his speed and athleticism right now and lacks the strength to bull rush, but he has the frame to put on another 15-20 lbs of muscle, probably even more over time. And the best thing about him: he has a high motor, never gives up on the play. He could be a freak in a couple years with development, which is why I think he'll end up being a top 15-20 pick.
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    IMO, he has the highest upside of any of the outside pass-rushers in the 2013 draft. His thin build is a risk when projecting to the NFL. Visions of Manny Lawson could scare some teams away.

    He appears to have much better upper body strength than I expected based on his build. I would be more worried about the thin lower body.

    I would take him ahead of Mingo.
  3. IAmLegend

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    Agreed on taking him ahead of Mingo. Both are raw freak athletes, but I like Jordan's size and versatility more. He could lineup in the 3-4 immediately and be a pass rush threat, and in a couple years, once he gets his weight up, he could play with his hand in the dirt in a 4-3 if needed. I like him a lot as an athletic pass rusher with a high motor who can also drop back into coverage. Plus, he already looks good in silver and white :D
  4. Biggems

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    Jordan has Seattle Seahawk written all over him
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    Mingo is supposed to have the best first step of any of the pass rushers. Too bad it only resulted in 4 sacks this year.
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    Jordan is a freak. After Jones and Moore he is probably the only other 3-4 Olb I would want out of the other projected 1st founders.
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    Too bad Seattle will be picking in the mid 20s.
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    One of my favorite prospects in this draft. I'd lo e to take him in the first.
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    i have to be honest, if I were GM I would be looking to try to snag several picks, including a high first, for Demarcus Ware and trying to re-sign Spencer.
    Use the high first on someone like Jordan and the other picks to build up the OL and DL.
    Controversial yes i know to talk about trading Ware but IMO he's on the downside but still has huge value via trade
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    I doubt if we could get much for Ware, maybe a 2nd but more like a third.
  11. Macnalty

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  12. Oh_Canada

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    I'm with you-more of that mentality is needed for this team to continue to change the culture.
    I think he can be had in the second round however unless he blows up the combine.

    Dion Jordan is a really good prospect as well. He played with some injuries this season, otherwise his stock might be even higher.

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