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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Jaxonsdaddd, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. Jaxonsdaddd

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    I wanted to let you guys know that if you want to get in on some good stuff from Directv nows the chance to do it...

    I saw this link on KFFL

    I called Directv today and just mentioned that I got an awesome deal from Dish Network and didnt want to leave Directv and the offers came puoring in

    Got Superfan $99 value free with the Sunday Ticket.
    Got 6 months free of Showtime and Starz
    Got free new DVR that is going to be installed tomorrow at no cost at all
    Also got my monthly billed reduced from $64.98 to $56.48 for the next 123 months.

    If you call the main customer service line you wont get anywhere. Call the customer retention line at 1-800-824-9081
  2. azcowboy

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    I got the superfan thing for free this year, they said i had it last year too and i didnt even know it or pay for it. Plus i got the HD box for free. My dad called them and didnt get any of that, i told him to call back and lean on them a lil and now he got that stuff for free also. Get in while the gettin is good i guess!!
  3. Jaxonsdaddd

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    The other thing they did for me that was kind of cool is they extended my Sunday ticket from the normal 4 months out to 7 months at $29.85 a month
  4. TheHustler

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    Well, they got you hooked on the 10 year plan.

  5. CowboyManDan

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    Has anyone upgraded from the regular DirecTV dish to their HD dish to get HDTV? It seems pretty expensive to do so. Though I'm hoping that when I move later this year, I can get them to give me a deal to install it.
  6. Bryan8284

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    The dish is free (plus shipping) but install is free so if they are coming, then shipping is bogus and you can argue it to be free since it has to be brought anyway.

    You can get the basis HD receiver from Best Buy for $100 these days.
  7. BlueWave

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    I have it. It is unbelievable the clarity. Of course, you must have an HD TV. There are only about seven or ten HD channels right now, but they said they are going to send up another satellite this summer, and that will increase.

    One downside, the local channels are not HD, at least in my area. The local stations (they must sign off) shot down my waiver request to obtain Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS out of NY or LA in HD. That means, any games on local channels, that will be blacked out on the Ticket, will not be in HD. What that means, is if you live in the Cowboys Television market, you may not be able to see the Cowboys in HD.
  8. NorTex

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    I've been reading some reviews that say the audio is out of sync with the video, are you experiencing that?
  9. Bryan8284

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    It happens with programs in HD. I've noticed it on ESPN with Around the Horn mainly, which isn't in HD, but is shown on the ESPN HD feed.

    The common fix is to shut the receiver off for a minute or two and try again. Sometimes it does work, sometimes it doesn't. Also helps to always have a strong signal.
  10. ChldsPlay

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    Got the HD DVR, so it wasn't free, but I got as much as I could. It comes with a $100 mail-in rebate. I got them to put on an extra $100 credit to my account. Plus I get a $10 credit every month for the next 12 months. I get superfan for free. My first month of programming is free. Installation and everything will be taken care of. I get Showtime for free for 6 months, and HBO for $2/mo for 6 months. It took a lot to get that extra $100 credit and superfan for free. It is the initial offer they gave me, but they went back on that until I sent them an email complaining about it. I still think they should have given me more, but oh well. It's worth it to get away from Comcast, and get Sunday Ticket without them ripping me off by forcing me to get a programming package along with it.
  11. dstew60105

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    They are also giving out for free the HD DVR(usually $400.00). It's the last of the Tivo service DVR's before the Direct TV HD DVR rolls out in September.
  12. goshan

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    The Direc TV HD RVD coming in September is also Tivo.
  13. CrazyCowboy

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    Pretty good deal indeed....thanks
  14. Jarv

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    I have had Sunday Ticket for years now...I don't have a HD TV and I'm not sure I want to even see one, or I might just want it and then have to upgrade a whole bunch of stuff.

    I must stay away from the TV section when I go to Best Buy....

    I must stay away from the TV section when I go to Best Buy....

    I must stay away from the TV section when I go to Best Buy....
  15. zekecee

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    I got the SuperFan 99.00 package waived
    A free HD DVR
    2 Mos Free Cinamax Showtime
    Upgrade L&B Dish from 3 to 5!
    Thanks for the TIP!!!
  16. dstew60105

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    That's not what I heard. The new Direct TV HD DVR is MPEG4, the last TIVO HD DVR is MPEG2. Direct TV is rolling out their own HD DVR in September. DTV has agreed to continue to service the TIVO platform, but will not be selling their boxes anymore. That's how I understood it.
  17. Funxva

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    Yup! Just called and got the 99 SUperfan. 7 month deal on Sunday Ticket. I don't have an HD TV, thanks very much for the tip. Very Helpful indeed.
  18. lspain1

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    This is incorrect. The new DirecTV Ka DVR coming out soon (rumored in August) is not a TiVo Device. It is supposed to have all of the functionality but it does not bear the TiVo label.
  19. Mr. Fantasy

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    This is great news. Now, can someone explain what they say again when they call the retention phone number? Is there any pushing involved or is this a basic "hey, i'm jumping ship to Dish". What if they ask what i'm getting offered at Dish?
  20. Funxva

    Funxva Inventor of the Whizzinator

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    Well I got all that and I have only been a customer for a month. And I'm doig it through Verizon, so I already get a $6/month discount.

    Mr. Fantasy,

    I just told them that I had heard of the offers from a friend. I don't think you need to threaten to jump ship at all. At least, I didn't.

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