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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SDogo, Nov 11, 2009.

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    I'm thinking about upgrading to HD with DirecTv. I have a single LNB dish on my house. Will DirecTv upgrade my dish if I buy the HD receiver or do I need to pay for that as well. Perhaps a dish upgrade is not even needed.

    Anyone give me a little insight I what I might need and what I can expect?

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    Not sure on other's experiences..

    When I'd initially upgraded to a HD receiver, I don't think that I needed an extra dish. I just replaced receivers that might have been professionally installed, but I'm not sure since it was a long time ago.

    However, when I upgraded to the HD DVR, that definitely included an OTA antenna thingy plus the professional installation.

    You might have better luck, by going to and seeing what the upgrade for your house would include. That's what I did when i upgraded to the HD DVR.
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    When I upgraded mine they installed 2 dishes free, and I got the HD DVR free.

    I had to have 2 dishes since I've got 10tv's hooked up
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    If you are upgrading to HD you will need a new Dish, and they will provide it with the receiver.
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    They changed my dish for free when I upgraded to HD DVR receivers.

    Special note to Directv subscribers:

    If you're having an install done or you're redoing an existing install, do not allow your cables to run along or beside electrical cords, outlets, etc. The electrical current interferes with HD receivers a lot more than it does with regular receivers.

    I learned my lesson the hard way and the initial installer either didn't know or care. My family room HD DVR lost its HD signal every couple of days. It wasn't until I moved the cables away from the electrical outlet that the problem revealed itself and that's after three technical service visits! I haven't had the same problem happen since.
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    Thanks for the help guys.

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