Disapointed with the Offense

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Sorry Doomsday but I won't turn a blind eye too it and watch it play outwithout saying something. I know how it plays out and it ends with Romo throwing the ball into too much coverage and our season ending and him looking like a choker.

    Dallas needs to play with more pace, less audibling, get up to the line and run a play, and get defenses out of 2 deep coverage.

    That 2 deep coverage tells me that defenses aren't scared of our run game and know that we'll eventually fall apart on offense if they just don't give up the big play.
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    I do like that they are calling the plays quicker. They were also playing fast enough at times to force the Giants to fake injury to slow things down. But it's baffling why they run a no huddle offense but take so much time to get the play off once they are at the line of scrimmage.
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    People need to understand this is a new offense in the first game of the year against a division rival. It's likely going to take a few weeks before the offense really starts clicking.
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    I've felt like this as well. Romo seems uncomfortable playing within a traditional dropback pocket that forces him to scan coverages quickly and get the ball out on precise timing routes, he's at his best when we move the pocket around or when he escapes the pocket and can play some backyard football... he's an improviser, one of the best in the league.
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    Because they are just trying to keep the Giants Personnel on the field.

    If I were coaching against the Cowboys I would still make my subs because we have shown that we will not snap the ball until the defense is ready and we've made 500 calls identifying every defender on the field.

    Defending the Cowboys is easy from a scheme standpoint. Just play 2 deep and force us to put a drive together. We will eventually implode.

    The problem is we can out athlete teams from time to time. When we can't out athlete teams that is when we fall apart.
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    Hit it on the head, this is exactly what I mean.
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    The things that I find disappointing last night is that Witten still gets dumb penalties, we rarely roll Romo to the left or right on a designed play, which I think is he strength and we get 3 early turnovers and get only 3 points. Overall I thought we passed too much as we still do not have any patience to establish a running game in the first half. I was happy with the win, but there is a lot to work on for next week. Any time we beat an NFC East opponent, it is a good week.
  8. CATCH17

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    It was not a new offense. They just added a few wrinkles but it's the exact same thing.

    Those new wrinkles include:

    Pistol formations and a few others

    Zone blocking

    No huddle that is only used to keep the defensive personnel on the field and not add any pace or tempo.

    We just tap the breaks on ourselves instead of putting our foot on the gas.
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    People need to keep in mind we played with the lead the entire game and I think it was called accordingly and romo did what he said he was going to do, manage the game and not turn the ball over.
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    Allowing the Giants to take away Dez Bryant is inexcusable. Definitely agree there.
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