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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by joseephuss, Sep 26, 2005.

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    I like Moose as an announcer. He brings very good insight to the game. However, there were two times I was disappointed in his opinion. The first was just after Glover got called for roughing the passer. He mentioned his penalty in the Redskins game and said it was dumb plays like these that hurt the team.

    Glover's penalty against Brunnell was not a dumb penalty. It was an unfortunate penalty. Glover just happened to make contact with Brunnell's helmet. There really wasn't anything he could have done about it. Watch the replay and it was a bang-bang play.

    The second complaint was at the end of the game. I still can't figure out how there was any time on the game clock, but I guess the home field clock keeper wanted to try to give the 49ers more time. Dallas was forced to run a play on 4th down and burn up the remaining time. They ran a play they have run in practice since Parcells arrived in Dallas. Moose thought they were trying to rub it in, but it was clear Bledsoe was just running out the clock and throwing the ball out of bounds.

    I may sound picky, but I thought Moose was a little better than that.
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    2 good observation, I do enjoy Moose during the games for the most part and as you felt Dallas was not trying to score on the 9ers but just throw a high one towards out of bounds to kill the remaining seconds. Thought it was a smart call I would have hated to risk punting in that situation
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    those were two DUMB penalties. really dumb. glad he called out Glover on them.

    the end of game clock was a mystery but live in the booth who knows what info they had... he thought the 49ers stopped the clock not the refs.
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    I think Moose is better than Aikman, in that he does not flip flop from side to side, but gives you a more objective view as to what is taking place with the team at that moment in time. If Goose would stop trying to be a clown, I think he would make a great color guy. I love hearing his views on the O and D Lines. He is usually pretty spot on as to what is going on in the trenches.

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    I thought the first call on Glover (Washington) was a bit iffy, to say the least. I thought the call on him against SF was a good call. He took a good two steps, I thought, to the QB after the release. That will get called everytime.
  6. mullet

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    I think the Moose (and Aikman) blow as broadcasters.
  7. Everlastingxxx

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  8. CaptainAmerica

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    Agree about that last play. Moose simply missed what was happening in the game. He made it sound like Parcells was getting back at Nolan for calling a timeout which wasn't the case at all. If he would have been paying attention he would have understood why Parcells did it. I'm sure Moose watches a replay to critique himself just like players do and I'm sure he will realize he blew that one.
    He did make one comment I found funny when he said, (after saying he didn't know what happened on a play), I'm sure there are a lot fans at home saying "I knew it!" That made me laugh because we all do that! :)
  9. LeonDixson

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    I love both Moose and Troy as announcers. They do tend to bend over backwards to not be biased, but good announcers are not biased. The one that got to me yesterday was Moose's insistence that Key didn't have both feet down on the two point conversion. Key NEVER bobbled the ball on that play and it was clear on the replay that the ball was in his hands a fraction of a second before he lifted his right foot. I liked Goose's comment that "doesn't the tie go to the runner?".
  10. lurkercowboy

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    The camera work on that fake punt was awful. About Moose and Aikman as announcers, they are trying to be unbiased but you can tell they will always be Cowboys at heart.
  11. Hostile

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    Going off the topic a bit. Coming back to work from lunch I was listening to ESPN radio. Michael Irvin is getting better all the time at explaining the nuances of the game. When he first hit TV he bothered me because he was always trying to talk through laughter and bragging about how nice his clothes were. He was explaining how players try to play through pain and how Chad Pennington is struggling because of it. He is really getting better and I am glad because I think he is very entertaining. I just don't want to hear about his threads.
  12. Eddie

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    No ... Moose didn't say we were trying to rub it in. Moose said if the 49ers call a time out on us, we're gonna throw it deep on them.

    Nothing wrong with it. An eye for an eye.
  13. Thick 'N Hearty

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    Why do you guys complain about Moose not being a homer, but when Joe "Snap" Theeseman says something you jump all over him because he is a homer? Just an observation I made. I love Moose first as a player and then as an announcer. But, his job is to be an analyst, not a Cowboys cheerleader.
  14. baj1dallas

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    You guys really honestly expect to hear nothing but candy coated crap about the Cowboys unless it's coming from your own mouth. Newsflash: these guys are trying to be objective. Newsflash #2: nobody's perfect.

    Watch the freaking game and enjoy it and get over yourself. The world does not exist to massage the egos of Cowboys fans. Yeesh.

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    No but is it me or has he lost a lot of playing weight, looks pretty normal sized guy, maybe he knocked off the roids..
  16. DrunkWithPower

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    This may sound kinda funny, but I wish Moose would just shut up sometimes...

    He talks and talks and talks and talks...I know that's what announcers get paid to do, but sometimes he just sounds like a windup toy caught in a loop. I actually enjoy the games better sometimes by turning the sound down.
  17. Hollywood Henderson

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    I agree with you Leon, to me he must have been bending over backwards not to sound bias, because I thought it was a easy call on the Key catch inbounds...
    But I think Moose & Troy do a good job...

    Goose gets on my nerves ever since his days when he played here in Indy, when even if he was injured & didn't play, he would tell you how he just willed the team to victory... :rolleyes:
  18. FightingFoo

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    I didn't mind hearing either of these statements from Moose.

    HOWEVER, the one that raised my eyebrow was when he said Roy Williams was "a couple cards short of a full deck" when he missed a tackle behind the line of scrimmage because he was trying to go for a kill shot. That was his only missed tackle of the day! Roy is at his best playing in the box, I'm sure Moose has seen him make that play plenty of times.
  19. WV Cowboy

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    I like Moose and Troy, but I am getting a little sick of ex-jocks getting in the broadcast booth.

    There are kids who have gone to school to get in to broadcasting that would probably be better.

    Maybe have ex-jocks troll the sidelines, like Goose.

    Oh wait, then what would the pretty girls do ?
  20. kartr

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    Ex-jocks understand the game and are able to educate and entertain the fans.
    Nothing pisses me off more than some college nit-wit who never played the game try and ridicule some jock for making a mistake. I think these wannabe jock announcers like Joe Buck should just call the game and keep their opinions to themselves. The ex-jocks who are in broadcasting have earned the right to be their.

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