Disappointed with Parnell

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. TheRomoSexual

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    Ugh. Just because you have been taught something doesn't mean you understand it.
  2. EGG

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    That's basically what he's been doing all these years..

  3. EGG

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    I'll take your word for it...
  4. dragon_mikal

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    Yes...all quarterbacks who are paid what the market says they are worth should take bone breaking, lung piercing and concussion causing beatings because..well...ya know...they get paid a lot of money. Who cares if the team tries to upgrade the piss poor protection he is receiving? He gets PAAAAAAIIIIIIID!!!!!

    Is this the ridiculous point you were trying to make?

    A quarterback's job is to get the ball down the field. YOU DO NOT WANT HIM TO GET HIT WHILE DOING IT.

    Got it?
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  5. jobberone

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    He did this occasionally last year and seemed to just freeze and allow his man to go free. That was all of his sacks given up. So he may come around. I'm having some trouble reminding myself the guy hasn't played a lot of football.
  6. dart

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    I still say Free is better
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  7. LatinMind

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    Didnt Romo get the ball down the field? If memory serves me correct Romo had plenty of time to throw throughout the yr. Yes there were times he had to run for his life. But every QB has goes thru that throughout their yr. To me the running game is what suffered because of the OL. Not Romo. Romo threw for 4900 yrds and 29 tds! And youre going to tell me this OL didnt do anything or Romo? hahahaha. Now if you say this team didnt do anything for Murray i could keep myself from laughing in this post and if you were in front of me in your face. But for fans to keep using the OL as an excuse to why they think Romo isnt succeeding please. If 4900 29 tds is a failure, whats a success 8000 yrds?
  8. Randy White

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    Let me break the news to all Cowboys fans in here:

    We better get used to that line right there.

    And AFTER Callahan gets fired, not if, the story lines are going to be how " liberated " and " free " the players on offense feel under whomever is the next coordinator.
  9. OhSnap

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    The guy has been moved back n forth his whole career, he would have to All Pro All World to jump back from left to right and back again without probs.
  10. Doomsay

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    Maybe they could have paid Tony a little less and bought a free agent OL or two to make his last few years here a little more worthwhile - for both him and the team.
  11. Ren

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    I was never part of the Parnell bandwagon Free played horrbile last year and Parnell couldn't beat him out. Somehow because Free sucked so much people manage to talk them self into Parnell actually being good even though he never was
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  12. OhSnap

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    Garrett is pretty determined to build from within and through the draft. Even if they did wanna risk Romo having a good year and loosing him in a bidding war next year.
  13. Hoofbite

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    Romo performed in spite of the offensive line. His stats don't indicate how good the OL is, just how good he is.
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  14. BrAinPaiNt

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  15. burmafrd

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    considering that Parnell has only just over 2 years learning to play tackle at all; and just 3 years in football at all; he has made considerable progress.

    This is like taking a guy who was a high school DE and then his freshman year in college he is converted to O tackle. Now he is starting his junior year. Only he is up against the best in the world. I would say his learning curve has been very steep.
  16. AbeBeta

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    Right now Free is clearly better than Parnell. Parnell is all about raw raw raw potential. The real issue is where Parnell will be after playing more. I expect he gets all the 2nd and 3rd team reps this pre-season to help move him along.
  17. Future

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    I have a hard time buying that, especially for Free. Gurode was switching between Guard and Center...Free has only had to switch sides.

    The reality is that Free is terribly weak, so he has to compensate to account for that. That makes him hesitate when trying to get to speed rushers, causing him to get beat outside as well. The guy is a terrible athlete, obviously doesnt spend enough time in the gym, and has too little passion for the game. Its utterly disappointing that he is on the team right now, and even more that he is probably going to be the day 1 starter.
  18. RXP

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    This is exactly right. Parnell hasn't disappointed me, because he's nothing more than a backup quality player. He is not, nor ever has been starting material, IMO. The only reason he saw the field is because Free stunk to high heaven. And yet Parnell couldn't establish himself and take over the job 100%. But out of desperation, fans prayed he was the answer at RT.

    If Free continues to stumble, Parnell will continue to play. But RT will become a priority next offseason, be it from free agency of the draft. I don't see Parnell as anything more than a backup.
  19. CATCH17

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    It's not that big of a deal.

    Especially when you spend your early years practicing as a swing tackle at both positions.

    Free is just a crappy player and it's a joke we weren't serious about upgrading that position.
  20. LatinMind

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    Im not saying it indicates how good or how bad the OL is. What i am saying is people need to stop saying if Romo had this superior OL he would have time to throw or come up with other silly things. Romo doesnt need a superior OL. He can make things happen with his feet and his ability to know when to get the ball out. He's that type of QB. Now if people want to say the RB wont produce until this OL is seriously upgraded. I can buy that. But when people start saying that Romo production is based on the OL I roll my eyes at them kinds of posts. His stats say the total opposite.

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