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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by McLovin, Sep 17, 2013.

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    Got the Coaches Film this year and it is a completely different perspective. I relooked at all 12 of Demarco's runs. I really didn't have preconceived notion of if it is DeMarco, the Oline, or the Def. I'll just get into it. (If you have the game film, please jump in and tell me where my assumption is incorrect.) I came away thinking the KC defense is pretty stout and fast, our OLINE rarely drives their man and Murray didn't make as many bad choices as I thought. I count a run of <4yards or LOSS a loss and >4yards or 1stdn/TD a WIN

    Run #1 - Q1 1st and 10 (8:13) - LOSS
    Zone stretch play right - Doug Free COMPLETELY whiffs on the block of the ILB. Berny doesn't get his block turned left. Witten had the seal. Murray has to bounce outside. 2 yard loss. Blame - 100% OLINE. One thing I noticed on this run is that Murray didn't bounce outside the remainder of the game after this yardage loss.

    Run #2 - Q1 1st and 10 (7:06) - LOSS
    Zone stretch play left - Either Fred or Berny screw up the blocking assignment. Fred has Poe but Berny runs right into the back of Fred, The ILB blows by Fred before as he releases Poe to try and block him...too late. Another ILB filling the lane untouched. Witten has the seal as did Tyron. but Murray had to avoid ILB angle. 1yard gain. Blame - 100% OLINE

    Run #3 - Q1 1st and 10 (3:56) - WIN
    Off RG- Murray powered for a 6 yard gain. Its possible he could have bounced it to the outside, but Hanna's defender was turned to that angle and the CB released. Won't compliain about a 6 yard gain

    Run #4 - Q1 2nd and 5 (3:23) - WIN
    Draw stretch - 5 yards. #94 for the chiefs just drove Witten and Leary down the Line or I think Murray braks this one longer. Sometimes other players make good plays. 2 consecutive runs for 11 yards and 1st down...TAKE IT.

    Run #5 - Q1 2nd and Goal (1:27) - LOSS
    Goalline- 1 yard loss. Run was up the middle. Looks like Free step on Waters pulling and he goes down. Oline get little push, but I think the play may have been to follow the lead block (Oline as FB) and take the chances with 1-1 vs a smaller CB. Hard to know if he saw Waters wipe out and took the middle route. It was open but closed fast. Blame 75% Oline / 25% Murray

    Run #6- Q2 2nd and and 10 from own 4(14:06) - LOSS
    Off RG - 1 yard gain. #94 knowcked Waters Back, #70 followed Leary to his right and basically went untouched to Murray as he got the handoff. Tyron couldn't get to #70 in time. Leary looked lost on that play Blame - 100% OLINE

    Run #7- Q2 1st and 10 from own 10 (6:09) - WIN
    Stretch play right - 5 yard gain. Witten got the seal block but didnt turn his man enough for a breakaway.

    Run #8- Q2 1st and 10 from own 10 (4:56) - LOSS
    Off RT - 1 yard gain. Witten got the block but was 3 yards in the back field. There was room for Murray ot bounce it outside as WRs had blocks, but its possible the ILB may have had the angle. Hard one to judge. I can see why he took the cut inside if he was keying off Witten's block, but that hole was stuffed. BLAME - 75% Blocking / 25% Murray

    Run #9- Q3 1st and 10 from own 10 (14:30) - LOSS
    Off LT- NO gain. Witten got the seal but was stood up. Tyron had a good down block Leary looked late on his pull. Murray had no lane. I does seem that the KC DL is overpowering much of our OLINE on thise play.

    Run #10 - Q3 1st and 10 from own 10 (12:40) - LOSS
    Up the middle- 3 yards. There was a lane for Murray to kick out to the right. ALOT of green. Blocks looked good!.....one of the few times I saw the Oline drive on a run. With many of these plays, the Oline is getting stood up or driven a yard back. Not Here. The only thing I saw was that Berny could have been more aggressive on the ILB as he may have had the angle for a short 4-5 yard gain. BLAME 95% Murray 5% Oline

    Run #11 - Q3 1st and 10 from own 10 (11:47) - DRAW - Last Murray Run with the LEAD
    Draw - 4 yards. I think this was Murray's worst run. He cut right instead of up the middle. Had he cut behind Berny it was a TD. Good job from all blockers BLAME 100% Murray

    Run #12 - Q3 2nd and 2 (2:12) - DRAW
    Up the middle - 2 yards. It got the 1st down. THere MAY have been a cut back, but it MAY have been a no gain or loss as well.


    If interested, Dunbar had one run. He showed a move but had a great hole once the initial miss.

    DUNBAR Run #1 - Q3 1st and 10 (10:08) - WIN
    Draw - LT. #98 blew off the ball and was about to get to Dunbar. Dunbar made a nice move right as Tyron got the down block. Hanna had a great kick-out. Nice move by Dunbar
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    thanks. murray is getting destroyed on talkin cowboys today.
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    I saw that Free whiff and it makes me wonder why he doesn't get dinged so much by PFF for that -- Fred has two passing game whiffs and he's got a terrible grade
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    I know everyone is saying that Free has been much better than last year but I wouldn't mind seeing Parnell and his powerful punch a little bit more.
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    I still can't believe that we didn't run the ball once in the 4th quarter! It's not like we were down 3 scores!!
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    I just think this kid got caught up in the hoopla he wasn't tough enough, which has forced him to put his head down when he sees contact. Instead of being the explosive one cut and run to daylight back he was in college and his rookie year. It doesn't help the line run blocks poorly more times then not.
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    There was a play where once he got the ball I saw him hesitate a little and then just plows straight through for few yards when there was a hole to his right big enough for an elephant to go through. If he would have cut to the hole, that could have been a big big gain.
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    Thanks McL, I follow the Cowboys a lot, but I just don't have the time to attempt this kind of dissection. Kudos to you.
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    Murray leaves to many yards on the field period. We need to fix the RB position.
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    Great analysis, McLovin. I haven't had the chance to re-watch the game yet, but for sure- I will be paying attention to the OL and how Murray responds to their performance per play.

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