Dish vs DirecTV

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by FCBarca, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Trying to decide now that I have the option as to what is a better option for Satellite.

    I am not interested in the sports pacakges, i.e. NFL Ticket, NBA, etc.

    I place more of a premium on variety of content, HD channgels, DVR, reliability/picture and customer service.

    Any feedback?

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    I'm a DirecTV customer, so likely biased. But DirecTV has a ton more HD content than dish network, and higher quality HD picture as well on most channels.

    For a ton of info, I suggest checking out theses forums:
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    I'm currently a Directv subscriber BUT I had both Dish & DirecTV because of my job at the time...

    When I had to make a choice....It was easy "DirecTV" by a mile.....
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    Depends on what you want= if you just want the basic Sat package you can sometimes get a better deal with DISH and the customer service is going to very no matter where you are and which one you are with.
    Reliability and picture- there really is no difference.
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    I am about to go crazy on directv tomorrow.

    I have had an ongoing problem with my HD channels. I pay a ton of money a month for my service yet my customer service is a notch below awful.

    I had a guy come saturday to finally fix my problem and he gave me a bunch of mumble jumble replaced my reciever said it was fine and left.

    It didnt fix my problem and now the guy took my dvr and all of my 3 year old sons tv shows and stuff he occassionally watches when we cant go outside are gone. And the problem wasnt fixed. the guy gave me his number and told me to call him if it didnt work out so I did, he said he would call me around noon monday and come to my house between noon and 4 and fix it once and for all.

    I hung around my house all afternoon, no call, no show. No nothing.

    tomorrow morning I am going to either get some service or cancel directv. I love sunday ticket and all the HD channels but The customer service is run by what must be ******** people.

    so directv is better but when you have a problem you could end up like me problems with no solutions and the service people hang up on you and dont show up for appointments.
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    You have to remember most of these yahoo's that come to your house are independent contractors and don't work directly for DTV. Now that being said I had a similar issue a couple years back and I called DTV and asked to speak directly with a supervisor. When the supervisor got on I explained that the tech was scheduled for over a month to come install my movers package at my new house only to call me and say they had already made other appointments and was bumping me. The supervisor made some calls and sure enough it would be 2 days later till someone showed. well They wound up giving me 3 months free service, upgraded my system free, and I got half off the NFL package. So make it work for you...

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