News: Dispelling the Myth with Jerry Jones

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Dispelling the myth with Jerry Jones

    by ScarletO on Jul 26, 2012 9:17 AM EDT

    The rich history of the Dallas Cowboys is a source of great pride for most fans of the aptly nicknamed America's Team. The franchise began in 1960 and finished 0-11-1 under their legendary Head Coach, Tom Landry. From 1960 through 1988, Landry guided the Cowboys to a regular season record of 250-162-6.

    But Landry's regular season record was modest when compared to the post season records the team set from 1966 through 1983 when the Dallas Cowboys made the playoffs every year save one (1974). Amazingly, with only one wild card team selected most seasons, the Cowboys made the post season 17 out of 18 seasons, amassing a 20-15 post season record over that period, winning the NFC Championship game five times and claiming two Super Bowl titles.

    Comparing the Cowboys from 1960 through 1988 to the Jerry Jones Cowboys of 1989 to the present reveals the dominance of the previous regime. Considering that the team began as an expansion franchise and did not post a winning season until its seventh season, the sustained success the team enjoyed is astounding. For perspective, Bill Polian was added in the comparison:

    General Manager (seasons)
    Regular season win ratio
    Playoff games
    Playoff wins
    Post season win ratio
    Playoff seasons
    Conference championships
    Super Bowl wins

    Tex Schramm (29)

    Jerry Jones (23)

    Bill Polian (24)

    The original posting came for BTB...and the whole series was assimulated on The Club:

    Read more:
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    What myth is being dispelled here?

    Take out the 92-95 seasons and the Jerruh Cowboys have been a joke. That was a great 4 year period for Cowboys fans, but Jerruh has absolutely nothing else.


    Nothing at all!
  3. burmafrd

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    outside of Dead Al and maybe the nitwits in Detroit, show me an owner outsife of Jerruh himself who would hire Jerry Jones as his GM with his history of the past 15 years?

    Jerruh got all his success before the cap and FA. A different Era in the NFL. What has he done since?
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    But to be fair; you cant take away 92-95, it's on his resume. Blame him for bone head moves since- yes. He deserves credit for three Championships.
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    :lmao2: Lol, and the same group that 'always' goes about dispelling, and trying to rush to add something negative, NEVER approaches points developed...only their own 'pissie attitudes' and scorn instead.

    There was a ton of information presented in that workup. But the topic involved Jerry Jones and the myth of blame.

    A burn barrel stud will never get beyond public demonstration of insult or blame instead of discussion of the venting for their own lack of accomplishments. Even at most bars, hecklers aren't allowed to remain for the floor shows...and must return to the burn barrels.:)
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    Agreed, however, there is a fair amount of young folks here on CZ who were born after 1995 -- I don't blame them a bit for not really considering Jerry's success's nearly two decades ago at this point.
  7. Risen Star

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    No. You can take it away. Because he was not acting as the GM at that time. He didn't make personnel decisions. It's a clear sign of desperation to try to include those years in an effort to justify his horrific track record as an active GM.

    There is no myth. Your Cowboys are run by an egotistical lunatic who simply does not have the ability to evaluate talent and make informed decisions. Which had led to the worst stretch of football in the team's history.
  8. CCBoy

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    Yea, in a Bullwinkle the Moose's 'Fractured Fairy Tales' scene, maybe. Jerry struggled the first two seasons to secure the financial picture. But the initial agreement was that Jerry would actually serve the GM's capacity for the team. He assumed that shortly after purchase, and functioned in that role.

    And yea, he did make a difference in combination with Jimmy...not yet another part of the 'Fractured Fairy Tales.'
  9. CCBoy

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    You would then encourage incomplete analysis and cherry picking on reasons affecting a thorough view of all affecting aspects.
  10. rocyaice

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    Why would you take out the 92-95 seasons? Those were his best years lol. That's like saying well Phil Jackson sucked as a coach if you take out his years with Jordan, Pippen, Shaq and Kobe. Or Bill Bellicheck sucked if you take out his years as coach for the Patriots.
  11. rocyaice

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    Why do you even cheer for a team that is ran by a "egotistical lunatic"? I'd have a hard time rooting for a team if I felt that way about its GM.

    Everyone can say what they want about Jerry. Hell plenty can be said. But there is this perception that we're entitled to win rings every year. And I definitely want to. But you have to lower your expectations. How many teams can say they have 3 rings in the past 20 years? Hell how many teams can even say they have a ring AT ALL?

    And what did you think Jerry was doing when he first hired the Cowboys? What if he never signed Jimmy Johnson? Or does he not get credit for signing Jimmy? It was just destined to happen? lol
  12. CoCo

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    Interesting comparisons. Predictable responses.
  13. Wood

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    that "goodwill" your referring too ran out long time ago. Jerry routinely releases players who used to be good but no longer pull their weight. Is Jerry still pulling his weight as GM? Judging from his track record - he is the anchor that holds this team in a state of perpetual mediocrity.
  14. CCBoy

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    Or if the Hindenburg landed in your lap, you'd querrie where did that come from? And it caught fire right above your head.

    Jerry brought in Jimmy, and he later brought in Bill Parcells. He now has Jason Garrett...and the above postings from the OP went on deaf ears. So?
  15. erod

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    The drafting from 1996-2002 and 2007-2009 - the periods of time Jimmy and Parcells weren't here - ranks as the worst in NFL history. Period.

    One playoff win in 16 years is completely and directly the result of Jerry's absolute ineptitude as a personnel evaluator and roster manager.
  16. burmafrd

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    He also brought in Barry Switzer and Bill Campo and Wade.

    Chan Gailey was not given enough of a chance. So frankly his record as regards picking coaches is not all that either. Jury still out on Red Ball.

    Frankly what happened 20 years ago in a different era before the cap and FA means squat now.

    You can apologize all you want and make excuses all you want but answer this question:

    With his record of the last 15 years WHICH OWNER in the NFL would hire him?
  17. CCBoy

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    Yep, didn't bother to read the series of postings referred to in the original posting, and saw the effect that no franchise quarterback has upon a team that just did not dominate the NFL. Among a magnitude of other relevant facts that all boiled down to, no, the Cowboys haven't won in the playoffs, but yes, has been a relevant team through the entire time that JERRY has been the GM.

    But change is the feature that is highlighted...but with the exception of Campo, incompetance of a Head Coach hasn't been the dominant feature. Plain and simply. Even Wade Phillips won a NFC East Crown or two...

    but the term of apologizer STILL passes metal of the tests provided, ignored, and then crapped upon by yourself. As you always do....
  18. WPBCowboysFan

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    I dont think even Al, or the Ford family would hire Jerruh.

    I know Matt Millen kept his job for way too long, but at least he hit on a few WR's. :lmao2: :lmao2: :lmao2:
  19. Eddie

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    At least we're not the Bengals.
  20. WPBCowboysFan

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    I agree. I enjoyed those years and it was a great time to be a Cowboys fan!

    We will never know how much credit Jerruh should really get for those years. I have no problem whatsoever acknowledging the success for those years.

    And while much debate on the topic exists, there is no denying that his post 92-95 success seriously raises doubt as to what he actually contributed in those years. At the very least a legitimate question is raised.

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