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Division race....half way mark....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Portland Fanatic, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. Portland Fanatic

    Portland Fanatic Well-Known Member

    4,487 Messages
    26 Likes Received
    I hate to look past the next game...I really really do, but let's do it anyways.

    Boys 11-5
    I think our most critical game will be against the Gints...that will be a "must win" game as to the division title and home field will hinge on it...I think our defense is playing extremely well and it will continue. I am very concerned about being on the road against ALL of our division foes the second half. Home field record for entire NFC east at this point is 13-1. The one loss is ours...

    Gints 11-5
    We better hope this is the scenario...I can see them possibly finishing 12-4...they have a friendly second half.

    Iggles 9-7
    I think teams have found their weakness...play nickle and pin back the ears of dlineman...will struggle to finish 9-7...

    Wash 8-8
    I think Washington has a very tough second half and the true Skins will show...

  2. Gordon

    Gordon New Member

    760 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I wouldn't say the Giants have an easy 2nd half. They have the 49ers and Vikings coming up, so they should be 7-2, but after that it gets brutal. I see them going 10-6 or 11-5. Either way, they ahve the exact same schedule as us other than two games, so if they have a better record than us, they deserve it.

    I wouldn't give up on the Eagles just yet. They still have some firepower, and they're standing at 4-3 which isn't bad.

    Skins basically did what everyone was waiting for yesterday. They're better than I thought they were coming into the year, but they're not good enough to compete in this division.

    My predicition..

    New York - 11-5
    Dallas - 10-6
    Philly - 10-6
    Washington - 8-8
  3. RCowboyFan

    RCowboyFan Active Member

    6,926 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Giants going 11-5 is really a stretch now. I mean, Eli hasn't won one road game yet. Till he proves he can do it, I doubt them reaching 10 marks.

    Cowboys reaching 11-5 means they have to win 6-2 next 8 games. Which means they probably win should win against Division, i.e. at least beat skins, eagles and maybe even Giants. If we beat Giants, twice then Giants don't reach 11-5.

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