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    Here are 10 things you might not know about Dallas Cowboys quarterback Kellen Moore.
    1. The basics

    Moore is a 6-0, 200-pound quarterback out of Prosser, Washington. He signed with the Lions as an undrafted free agent in 2012 and spent the past three years on Detroit's 53-man roster but was never active for a regular season game.

    He joined the Cowboys in 2015 and saw his first NFL action in a 19-16 loss to the New York Jets. He's played in three games in his career. His best game, by far, was in a 34-23 loss to the Redskins where he threw for 435 yards, as well as three touchdowns and two interceptions.

    Here's what Jason Garrett said of initially signing Moore in 2015:

    "He knows how to win, knows how to play. ...He's obviously not the biggest, the strongest, the fastest, the greatest arm -- all of those things that some people get enamored with. But he's a good football player at a really important position."

    2. Son of a coach

    Moore's father, Tom, won 21 league championships and four state championships in 23 seasons at Prosser High School. While at Prosser, Moore set state career records for completions and touchdown passes.

    3. All he does in win

    Moore was rated as a three-star recruit by Other notable QBs in his class (2007) were Jimmy Clausen, Ryan Mallett and Tyrod Taylor.

    Moore committed to Boise State, redshirted and then became the starter as a redshirt freshman. That season he led Boise State to an undefeated regular season. In 2009, Moore led Boise State to an undefeated 14-0 record, including a 17-10 victory over TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. In his four years in Boise, Moore won at least 12 games each season.

    He's the only quarterback to have 50 wins in a collegiate career. To compare: Peyton Manning had 39, Dan Marino had 37 and Donovan McNabb had 35.

    4. Family affair

    While at Boise State, Moore played alongside his brother Kirby, who was a wide receiver on the team. In high school, Kirby set a national high school record with 95 touchdown receptions. After exhausting his eligibility at Boise State in 2013, Kirby became a member of the coaching staff at the College of Idaho before moving to be a graduate assistant at the University of Washington in 2014.

    5. Early love

    Moore began dating his wife, Julie, when he was a sophomore at Prosser High School and she was a senior. The two married before his final year of college. They have a son, Kyler, who was born in 2014.

    So how did the two meet? Here's what he told's Kyle Meinke:

    "High school. I was a sophomore, she was a senior. We went and watched a movie -- 'White Noise.' It was a horrible movie. Some talking-to-dead-people movie. But that was the first date. She asked me to a high school dance. It was a girl-ask-the-guy thing. She's been pretty much the only girl I've ever dated."

    6. The physical limitations started early on

    Moore told the New York Times that some of his lack of athleticism started right away. His Achilles' tendons were too short when he was born. Until he had surgery at age six, Moore walked on his tiptoes because his heels could not extend to the ground.

    7. Student of Tom Brady

    Moore's football obsession translated to the classroom. While at Boise State, Moore wrote a 10-page paper on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, according to the New York Times. He also kept a picture of a flabby Brady at the NFL Combine as his screen saver to serve as a reminder about overcoming physical limitations.

    8. Football started at a young age

    According to Sports Illustrated, Moore would go to his dad's film-watching sessions and write plays on a little notepad. In second grade, Moore's show and tell projects consisted of him drawing a play on a whiteboard and answering questions. He was running varsity quarterback drills in sixth grade. In his final two years of high school he called his own plays.

    9. He accurately predicted the Statue of Liberty play

    Remember the infamous Statue of Liberty play Boise State ran to beat Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl? Moore called it before it happened.

    Moore was still in high school, but was watching the game and according to family friend Craig Beverlin, who talked to the Idaho Statesman, Moore turned to his father before the snap and called the play after recognizing it from the practices he watched.

    "They'd ran it earlier that year," Moore told the New York Times.

    10. He owed his scholarship to a defensive coordinator

    When Boise State was recruiting Moore, offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin's scouting report had a question, according to the New York Times: "What's the deciding factor here on this guy being so special?" With Harsin on the fence, defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox stepped up and said that if Moore didn't work out as a quarterback, then Wilcox would give up a defensive scholarship.

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