News: DMN:After last year's monster performance, DeMarcus Ware has a tough act to follow vs

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    After last year's monster performance, DeMarcus Ware has a tough act to follow vs. Saints

    Todd Archer

    IRVING – DeMarcus Ware will have a difficult time today topping last year's game against New Orleans.

    Ware forced two fumbles on sacks of Drew Brees to help the Cowboys end the Saints' undefeated season just six days after he was carted off the Cowboys Stadium field strapped to a board with a neck injury.

    Ware ranked that game up there with his interception of Michael Vick and return for a touchdown in 2006 vs. Atlanta.

    "I had really fresh legs, so I knew that I was going to be able to play well, but you don't know what type of plays you're going to have," Ware said.

    Ware did not practice during the week leading up the game, and he wasn't sure he would play until warm-ups. Teammates didn't attempt to talk him out of it. Neither did his wife, Taniqua, who was on the sideline before the game.

    "Sometimes when you're in the atmosphere, when you're doing it, that's when you feel that, 'Hey, I'm comfortable. I'm going to try to play,' " Ware said.

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    I expect a huge game from him... He's been real close the last few games, coming up with a half sack last Sunday.

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