DMN: Another OU lineman projected to be Cowboys' second-round pick

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. khiladi

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    Why trade for Montrae Holland then?
  2. NextGenBoys

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    Dude, you're reaching with the Al Davis comment.

    We need a safety. That's no question. Why trading up in the 2nd round (when we have 11 picks) to select a quality safety, makes Jerry Jones Al Davis, I cannot see.

    IMO the best way to improve this team is either draft a safety or a MLB. Therefore if they see a safety they like, trading up to get him doesnt seem like a bad idea. The last time we drafted a safety with our first pick, I thought we did a pretty good job.
  3. CATCH17

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    I bet Montrae starts over Kosier this year.

    From what I saw out of Montrae while he was healthy I was impressed. He has a lot more ability than Kosier imo.
  4. Monster Heel

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    No way Duke Robinson falls that far.
  5. ZB9

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    dont want either OU lineman, especially not Loadholt after watching him get completely dominated against Texas by Orakpo
  6. Monster Heel

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    Orakpo is probably a top ten pick though. Admittedly I don't watch a ton of college football and can't make an accurate assessment of Loadholt's body of work. Thing is, someone who can has to. One opponent getting the better of you doesn't make you worthless. This is especially true when that one opponent is considered to be one of the elite players in the draft.
  7. ZB9

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    true good point. Even good linemen will lose some matchups

    my opinion is pretty skewed considering I didnt watch every play in too many OU games this past season and Loadholt got dominated in one of them that I did see
  8. Rampage

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    these guys better be smart. I remember hearing Kosier had to make all the line calls cause Gurode is too stupid.
  9. kevwun

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    Loadholt is supposed to be a left tackle in the NFL and will consistently have to block the other teams best pass rusher. It's not like Orakpo just beat him a few times in that game. Loadholt was routinely getting ran through or around by Orakpo and and had to resort to holding several times to prevent a tfl or sack. Maybe he did just have an off game. I would be leary to commit first round money to a guy who I have seen get whipped on one of the rare occasions that he was matched up against someone who has the kind of talent that he will be going up against most Sundays.
  10. kevwun

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  11. jimmy40

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    a few quotes from Mayock:

    Mike Mayock, a former NFL cornerback who is the draft analyst for the NFL Network, said he witnessed what he expected during Loadholt's Senior Bowl week.

    "I had watched a lot of tape on him, so I wasn't disappointed," Mayock said in a telephone interview. "I don't have him rated as highly as a lot of people because I expected him to struggle with speed and he did."

    Highly skilled left offensive tackles can make millions in the NFL. With most quarterbacks throwing right-handed, it's up to the left tackle to guard their blind side.

    "To me, (Loadholt) has a massive frame and long arms," Mayock said. "But I don't think he's got good feet, and I don't think he's a left tackle.

    "He struggles to bend, and he struggles with any kind of elite speed. Orakpo ran by him all day long."

    Mayock projects Loadholt's name to still be on the board late in April's two-day, six-round draft.

    He predicts the Sooner will go either in the fourth or fifth round to a team that projects him as a right tackle.

    "I think he's a right tackle only, and that's not a good thing to be in the NFL," Mayock said. "If you can't play guard, and you're not good enough to be a left tackle, you better be a really good right tackle."

    Loadhold just looked like he was running in wet cement in individual drills.
  12. Jed_70

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    I'd take him in the 4th or later. But ultimately I'm really hoping we can find a replacement for Flozell.

    I'm hoping the 2009 season will be Flo's last as a Cowboy. He's still decent but we can do better.

    I'm tired of the mental errors.

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