News: DMN: Archer: Cowboys' Jason Garrett faces almost impossible task

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    Todd Archer

    IRVING – Three days into his tenure as the Cowboys' interim head coach, Jason Garrett sits behind the same desk in the same office he occupied last week as the team's assistant head coach.

    Maybe one day he will move down the hall to the larger Valley Ranch office that the coaches from Tom Landry to Wade Phillips have used. And maybe he will get a chance to return the text messages, phone calls and e-mails from friends in and out of football.

    "It puts a smile on your face, and you have a nice, positive feeling when you field a call or get a message or get a text," Garrett said. "At the same time, I'm not overly concerned about getting back with everybody. I think they understand that."

    Perry Fewell never moved his office last year in Buffalo. He took over for Dick Jauron with seven games to go. The Bills went 3-4. He is now the New York Giants' defensive coordinator.

    The same questions, thoughts and grand designs Fewell had running through his mind are now running through Garrett's. How to run practice, how to divide his time between the offense and defense, how to cover all of the game management issues as a head coach he never had to worry about before as a coordinator, how to set an agenda for the players, how to tell the coaches what he wants.

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