News: DMN: Archer: Cowboys need to focus on offensive line in first 2 rounds of 2011 draft

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    Todd Archer

    Dallas Morning News Cowboys writer Todd Archer chatted with fans about a number of Cowboys-related topics Monday afternoon. Here are some highlights:

    On whether the Cowboys are ready to draft multiple offensive linemen after this season:

    Why stop at three? They need to invest in the line in the first and second rounds. Lately most of their picks have come in the fourth round on down (except Robert Brewster). You can steal a player here or there doing in that way but that's not the best way to operate.

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    Priorities in 2011 draft are on both sides of the ball. Quality players needed at FS/SS & ILB as well as another CB cause Scandrick has regressed & Newman is older. Hopefully some of our younger players will come on as the season progresses so needs might change a little later in the season but both safety positions is primary need on defense but ILB also a must.

    On offense, it's all about the OL. Strength of OL in 2011 draft is at OG & OC not at OT. Depending on the play of Sam Young & Brewster we will know (assuming coaching staff takes hard look at both young players later in the season we will can see what we have. Think Davis is gone after this season unless he losses some weight w/o his strength so he can move better; Colombo plays with his heart but his knees don't help him & not sure he's the smarters around--but same could be said re Davis & even Gurode. So unless our younger players step up, we got real immediate needs at 3 positions on the OL.

    Can't fill on needed position so Jerry will have to spend some money in FA to fill some of those starter positions. Obviously it will depend on if we play football in 2011. If anything upsets me the most it is the deterioation of our OL. So upset cause same thing happened to our great 90s OL. As great as Emmitt, Irvin & Aikman, the collapse of our OL was complete by end of 96. Now here we are again with this OL allowed to deterioate cause Jerry & our scouting department unable/unwilling to identify good players to play at that position--except in later rounds.

    Should Jerry hold onto our first round pick or trade it away & add another 2nd & 3rd rounder in a draft trade? Think it depends on who we expect to be there when we pick. One problem on our draft board is we consistently rate any of the young OL available in the draft at least 1-2 rounds later then most other teams. We got to get that right. If our scouting department doesn't have the scouts who have a history of identifying promising OL, then Jerry needs to add scouts who can identify such players. Suspect Jerry spends as little as possible on scouts cause he doesn't consider them important. Remember back in the 90s he wanted & did cut back on our scouting department once we had good players on the team. Another dumb move by an inexperienced ego driven owner who doesn't learn much from some of his mistakes.

    Maybe Stephen gets thru to him this time & some needed changes are made throughout the scouting department and the coaching staff.

    BTW: I do consider Jerry a great owner who will do everything to build up this team. But equally he is a very poor GM & should have been fired--on any othe & have no doubt he's in agony at what is now happening to this team. But at GM, he has been a disaster both in trades & in the draft room. Realize some of those mistakes were made by Parcells who holds equal responsibility but he did improve the OL even if he unable to do so via the draft. Besides, Parcells is long time and Jerry's been in charge & it's his respnsibility not only to add the needed players but also to hire a quality coaching staff. Once Parcells left, maybe Jerry should immediately moved to make Soprano our new HC, but Parcells moved too fast to grab him. Jerry needs to get his ego under control & do what is necessary to improve quality of the coaching staff for 2011.
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    I would definitely invest in the offensive line high in the draft... I still go with the philosophy of taking the best player available in the 1st round.
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    LOL. No kidding. Draft is not the quickest fix in any case. When's that trade deadline again?
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    Who did SF draft this year in the first round? Two offensive lineman in the 1st round. And where did that get SF? 0-5

    Just saying.

    It ain't that easy. The solution isn't just to draft 2 OL in the 1st and 2nd round.

    How about drafting/acquiring OL who can block on screens?
    How about drafting OL who have a brain and don't get stupid penalties?
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    yea but where will they be is say three years ?
    the cuold be running over the league
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    there two OT's I would look at

    both will be gone by 15

    D Sherrod Miss St

    D Love Ark

    move them over to the ROT

    in Love s corner he can also play G
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    The 0-5 record is a tad misleading.

    They had Atlanta and New Orleans dead to rights but lost on stupid errors, and very nearly came back and beat Philly.

    Replace Alex Smith with a competent NFL quarterback (thanks for not trading for DMac when you had the pieces to outbid any offer and still have a solid draft) and that team is a lot better.

    If they tank for #1 and take Luck, that team's winning a title this decade.
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    It's great to cite positions of need in the draft right now but happily we can't be sure which OL jobs must be replaced asap. If things continue to go downhill or if they improve dramatically, I'm hoping guys like Young (once he healthy) & Brewster get playing time late in a some games. Same goes for some of our younger defensive players. Hopefully Lee & others will greatly improve as the season goes on, etc.

    Anyway, because of the age on our OL, I think we all believe that successors to Davis, Colombo & even Gurode are needed, either thru the draft or on FA. We've also got to worry about Kosier cause he becomes a FA after this season. Of course, what we do will all depend on Jerry's assessment on whether there will be football in 2011. Cause he's not going to spend the big bucks if he doesn't think there will be a season.

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