News: DMN: Archer: Defense is reason for Wade Phillips' downfall with Cowboys

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    Todd Archer

    IRVING – If you’re looking for the biggest reason as to why Wade Phillips is no longer the Cowboys head coach, look at what has happened to the defense this year.

    When owner and general manager Jerry Jones picked Phillips as Parcells’ successor in 2007 it was because of Phillips’ defensive acumen and history with the 3-4 scheme. While he was the anti-Parcells in terms of temperament and how he dealt with players, Jones wanted a coach that could take what Parcells had built with the defense and make it stronger over somebody like offensive-minded Norv Turner.

    In Phillips’ first three seasons it worked. In 2009, the Cowboys had the NFL’s second-best scoring defense, allowing 15.9 points a game. In 2008, the Cowboys had an NFL-best 59 sacks, which was the third-most in franchise history. In 2007, they allowed fewer touchdowns, rushing yards and passing yards than 2006.

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