DMN Archer Observation Deck: No kickoffs for Vanderjagt

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 2, 2006.

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    12:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, August 2, 2006

    [SIZE=-1]By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News[/SIZE]

    •The Cowboys worked on kickoffs Tuesday, but Mike Vanderjagt did not attempt any. Instead, Shaun Suisham and Tyler Fredrickson got the nod, and their first two kicks got to the 12 and 15. Their final six kicks all got inside the 5.

    •Before Keith Davis was forced to the sideline briefly, he came up with another interception. This time he stepped in front of a Jeff Mroz pass and, as he built up a head of steam, he handed the ball to offensive tackle Dennis Roland as the two of them approached the sideline.

    •Former Cowboy Robert Bailey was on hand. He won a Super Bowl with the Cowboys in 1995 and works with Terrell Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, on the marketing side of things.

    •During the middle of practice, the giant inflatable Ford ad was brought crashing down by gusting winds. It took several members of the team's marketing staff to get it in the air again.

    •It was not a good day for the first-team offense on late-game situations. After an incompletion and then a sack of Drew Bledsoe , Bill Parcells yelled, "Get me another offense out here!" Unfortunate- ly, the other units weren't much better.

    •Backup quarterback Tony Romo was intercepted twice. Ryan Fowler got him the first time, as Romo threw into traffic. Junior Glymph was the other culprit.

    Anthony Henry had a nice breakup of a Bledsoe pass intended for Owens during one-on-one drills in the end zone, throwing up his arm at the last moment.

    •The Cowboys are good for a fleaflicker or two a season, but the running backs might need some work on the pitch back to the quarterback. Marion Barber's flip nearly sailed over Romo's head.

    •After rookie Pat McQuistan gave up a sack, Parcells said, "That lost the game right there." The coach, however, had kind words for McQuistan, a seventh- round pick, during his news conference.

    •Rookie safety Pat Watkins let what could have been his third interception in two days slip through his hands on a deep pass by Romo to Patrick Crayton.

    Todd Archer

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    Ha! I reported the kicker observation last night already, and that was a day late too.

    This new guy was kicking all Monday, punts, field goals, and of course kick offs. He might be thought of as jack of all trades back-up and kick off specialist.

    Never saw Vandy do 1 kickoff so hard to compare.


    J Rector was a player that made some plays on Monday, including a few nice long sideline grabs, one of which was a beautiful forward dive with a hard landing where he held onto the ball.

    He was fielding punts as well, and if I was to predict anything he would currently be in running for 5th receiver spot. Green was a bit lost playbook wise and was catching heat from coaches for it. He is also quite short, although looks stocky (but not fat despite the early reports). Green did look very comfortable and smooth fielding the punts, sucking the ball in nicely. While every punt was caught, when Rector caught it you could hear the slap of ball Newman looked good as well. Rector has nice size, height wise and long arms. Green will get a ton of work though as a special teams guy and last receiver on roster. Can't imagine he would get cut since he was drafted and is prover return guy. Needs polish on receiving it looks like, but he did show some shiftiness and power in running.

    Included this in post because I watched the fielding of punts during all the kicking which was in front of us for a good portion of time.


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