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    12:30 AM CDT on Tuesday, August 8, 2006

    [SIZE=-1]By TODD ARCHER / The Dallas Morning News[/SIZE]

    Bill Parcells made sure his team was back at it after a day off, riding just about everybody for the two-hour morning session. At one point before team red-zone drills, Parcells threw the first team off the field when rookie tight end Anthony Fasano messed up a formation. He later praised Fasano for a nice block that led to a Julius Jones touchdown run.

    • As he announced the different teaching periods, Parcells had a new nickname for Jones: Click, clack. It's a take off the Under Armour commercials that feature Jones and several other players.

    • For all of those worried, Flozell Adams was back with the first team at left tackle Monday. Parcells said Adams' play has improved as camp has gone on. Marc Colombo continues to work with the first team at right tackle.

    • It's tough to keep veterans down. After getting beaten by Skyler Green in the end zone on an out and up, Aaron Glenn came back with a perfect breakup of a pass to Patrick Crayton on his next snap.

    • Rookie receiver Miles Austin has his right thigh taped heavily. After making one play receivers coach Todd Haley deadpanned, "Nice catch, Miles. I'm surprised you can run with all that tape."

    • We have to document it because it had not been seen in camp: Terence Newman was beaten for a touchdown in end zone drills when he allowed Crayton to get inside on a short route.

    • In one-on-one pass drills, Thomas Johnson dominated Cory Procter. Johnson makes progress, but he needs to be more consistent with his technique to earn full trust.

    • Kicker Mike Vanderjagt believes he has found the issue with his slow start to camp. He didn't have his steps down correctly, which led to him pushing kicks to the right. He made only two of four tries with the team, but the ball came off his foot with more power.

    • After safety Roy Williams nearly picked off a Tony Romo pass intended for Jason Witten, he did five pushups. It's customary for the defensive backs to do pushups for missed or dropped interceptions.

    Drew Bledsoe's dad, Mac, signed an autograph during practice.

    Jerry Jones is not at practice. He is at the NFL meetings in suburban Chicago in which a new commissioner could be named.

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    aren't those yesterday's notes?
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    Bledsoe dad is getting props....
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    He has the blog post and then occasionally he'll add something for this that's not in the blog. Just to get people like me to post it here, probably.

    And then this is probably the version that's going into the print version.
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    Who would want Drew Bledsoe's dad's autograph?

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