News: DMN: Barry Switzer: Blame Jimmy Johnson for his departure from the Dallas Cowboys, he cheated

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    Revisionist history is always amusing if one lived thru the actual events. Jimmy has been presented by quite a few here as the lone savior of the franchise and was a victim having pope like innocence when he was fired. Yet the truth is that when it all when down, while shocking, the general consensus was that 2 pig headed ego driven idiots allowed their foolish pride get the better of both and they screwed up a great thing. Both were criticized heavily for what seemed to be a really dumb move by both of them.

    The truth is - both were at fault, and it was both of them working toward the same goal initially that produced the Super Bowl wins.
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    Hmmm...Jimmy, really, I thought "You're So Vain" was about Barry. Well what do I know?

    Bet it was the part about close friend's wife, yeah that's it.
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    Lmao.... So essentially Jimmy Johnson kept Jerry Jones in check, and that's a bad thing?
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    Red Sonja, I think she was 18. She was so fine back then. Her and Arnold were you know... She hopped on Stallone's popularity later, which explains her working in movies like Cobra and Rocky 4. Man, she really crashed and burned in the looks department.
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    So he doesn't care he got the job done, but he cares about Jimmy despite the fact he got the job done?
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    This is utter BS the lengths people are going to absolve Jerry, considering his track record with the team since JJ left. If he was sane, he would have adjusted himself and hired a strong-willed coach yet again, knowing that it worked well with JJ. But he's sitting around here with his training program for Red Ginger, because he can't get over the fact that JJ was a beast of a coach. He hasn't gotten over the JJ stigma, which clearly exemplifies that he has a psychosis in trying to prove himself as the man who can do it, while JJ us chilling with chicks half his age on his boat.

    And JJ let his assistants coach, thus his strong will didn't get in the way of his ego when it came to winning. While red ginger still wants to be OC and JJ is interfering with game plans telling us who is going to be the featured star the following week.
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    Why are people interviewing Barry Switzer period?

    I guess he's a good quote but he's been out of football for many years right?

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    Agree to disagree. :)
    Spotting a team 21pts before the end of first quarter is not a Jimmy team characteristic.
    Furthermore, I believe Jimmy stops bleeding. Maybe makes it only a 13 point hemorrhage. Jmo.
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    the end does not justify the means.
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    This article and these comments are more of an indictment of Jerry Jones than praise.

    Blame Jimmy for whatever else you want, but whatever culture he established around the team led to the most important result - winning on the field.

    Too bad that's been forgotten for Jerry being comfortable and in control.

    Of mediocrity.

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