News: DMN: Bill Belichick: On Dez Bryant and stingy Cowboys run defense (PC Transcript)

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    Patriots coach Bill Belichick: On Dez Bryant and stingy Cowboys run defense


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    Read what New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had to say as he addressed the media during his press conference on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.
    BB: We've got a crash course going here on the Cowboys. A lot of film, a lot of time spent on these guys in the last 48 hours to try to get to know this team. [The Cowboys are] Well coached, very talented team. As I said yesterday, could easily be 4-0, just a couple plays away. They've really got a lot of good players. Scheme-wise, they do a lot of things that are difficult to prepare for, they give you a lot of different looks, they move their personnel around in a lot of different ways in all three phases of the game. They do some things that are pretty creative on offense, defense [and] special teams - a couple things that we haven't seen before that we'll have to try to get a good look at. I think this would be a lot easier team to prepare for if you were playing them twice a year and you kind of had a feel for some of the things they do and when they do them. We're definitely not there yet. We've got a lot of work to do this week. It will be a big challenge. This is a good football team - they're well coached, they do a good job, they have a lot of good players.

    Q: Is there anything about Tony Romo specifically that makes him tough to defend?
    BB: I think he does everything well - throws the deep ball well, short, intermediate balls, gets rid of it quickly, definitely doesn't hold the ball back there. He's not a guy that's going to take a lot of sacks. Gets it out quick, uses all of his skill players, is smart in terms of running run-pass checks. They do some things based on one look the defense gives they'll do one thing, if they get another look, they'll do something else. He obviously handles that pretty well. He's athletic, he can get out of the pocket, make some plays with his feet. He can keep some plays alive like he did in the Washington game on that third and 25 blitz or whatever it was. Redskins sent everybody after him, he scrambled around there for a couple of seconds, bought a little extra time and then chucked it down there to [Dez] Bryant. He can do things like that too. Very athletic guy that gets rid of the ball quick, has real good accuracy. He made a great throw to [Jesse] Holley there on the long pass in the overtime against San Francisco to set up that game-winning field goal. He's got a good touch on the ball down the field. He does a good job on screen passes. They throw a lot of screens, stuff like that. He's got a nice game.

    Read the rest of alot more: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/10/patriots-coach-bill-belichick.html
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    Bill is liar the Cowboys are terrible, I've read it here.
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    Hope he swallows the hype. :)
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    Bill is a master motivator.... He's clearly getting his guys pumped up.
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    Interesting that he says this (the Cowboys) are the fastest team they've played so far this season.
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    What's interesting is how he described it. Something looks like a big play, and then the defenders swarm the offensive player.
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    Great read and good interview questions.
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    Of course. We know it's just a ploy and he can't possibly think this POS team does anything well or is any possible threat.

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