News: DMN: Bill Callahan believes health has improved Cowboys’ continuity

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    By Mike Heika / Reporter
    4:38 pm on December 27, 2012 | Permalink

    Bill Callahan is not much for excuses, so he’s not going to blame injuries for any previous losses, but the Cowboys offensive coordinator said Thursday he feels good having a healthy offense going into a huge showdown against the Washington Redskins.

    “I think it’s great that everybody is back,” Callahan said.

    Now, part of the problem, Callahan said, was that the Cowboys were trailing and had to throw the ball _ which they did well. However, he believes that having a full complement of healthy players can allow Dallas to execute the game plan better earlier in the game.

    “We have more stability and more continuity, and a common thread is communication,” Callahan said. “And anytime you have great communication and continuity, it bodes well for your offense to function. You can execute better, and you can play off one another better, and you can anticipate things a whole lot better. Having them back is a plus.”

    Asked if the Cowboys will push to run the ball more this week, he said he wasn’t sure.

    “You just don’t know,” he said. “All these games are different. Every time you get in one of these games you sit there as a staff and say, ‘OK we’re going to run 30 times.’ We only ran it 11 times last week, so you want to be balanced and you strive to do some things to create balance and create more opportunities, but some of those plans get pushed out of the way when you have to adapt after the first quarter and you may take advantage of certain things.”

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...-health-has-improved-cowboys-continuity.html/
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    Garrett will always be a pass-first schemer, and that's not a bad thing necessarily. With Murray we seem to have a RB who can balance our offense, but make no mistake Garrett would rather pass. The whole thing is, I don't know that if we were a better run-blocking team than pass-blocking, if Garrett would even then prefer to run the ball.

    We showed against the Ravens that we can run, but perhaps losing that game will make him shy away from it. That would be too bad, because I think we can and should jam the ball down the Skins throat... but I'll be happy to be division champs, however its done.
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    The offense doesn't bother me about this game. My worry is stopping the run. Stop the run and we most likely win the game.
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    If that includes stopping RG then I agree. Although we'll have to do well in all three facets IMO.
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    Isnt it "all three PHASES?" :lmao2:
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    we had ONE game this season where we ran the ball well.

    Last week against the worst D in the league- just how well did we run the ball?
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    Both expressions are valid. You know what a facet is right?

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