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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 19, 2009.

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    '4th and Long' - Final preview

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    I've watched the episode so I'll be very careful here about spoiling the grand finale of Michael Irvin's "so you wannabe a Cowboy" on Spike TV.

    I'll say this: Jerry Jones, absent since the debut show, is back and get plenty of face time. He's right there when the winner is chosen inside the new Cowboys Stadium.

    Here's Jones' first speech to the finalists:
    "I am reminded with you when I first became part of the Dallas Cowboys it took people back. They kind og looked at me a little funny because I didn't get there the traditional way, But during the period of time we've been involved we got to be part of three Super Bowl champions.
    "And one thing I did find out, that when you do something unconventional that will get people to stop looking at you funny. You guys have gotten here in a very similar way. This isn't the normal way to come in and get an opportunity to play in the NFL."

    And his second:

    "If one of you is the ballplayer that Michael and Joe and Bill say, you've got a chance be here. Clear your Sunday afternoon calendar cause you are going to be spending it out here with a big star on your helmet."​

    There are two cuts on the show. One player is excused before Irvin passes judgment on the final three.

    Here's the big Irvin line: "(Insert name of the player) the Cowboys can use you."
  2. Fletch

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    "Hawkins, the Cowboys can use you."
  3. TheSkaven

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    No question, it's got to be Hawk. If it's anyone else, it'll be a shocker.
  4. RCowboyFan

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    I believe it is Holley. Hawkins as reported has signed on to CFL team, although there has been rumors that it might be fake news.
  5. Joe Realist

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    I don't think it really matters who wins.
  6. Monster Heel

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    This basically.

    Holley wins though. Hawkins already signed with a CFL team, let it go guys.
  7. mperfection

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    There is no way that Holley could ever the DB player that Hawkins could [potentially] be for us on special teams and the slot WR. Period.
  8. Fletch

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    Who needs this 4th and Long crap anyway? We got Amendola waiting in the wings. He's the next Wes Welker because they both attended Texas Tech. :p:
  9. sureletsrace

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    For the 847,332nd time.

  10. Muhast

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    lololol nice.
  11. Everlastingxxx

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    I would send both Hawk and Holley to camp.

    I see this happening.
  12. Muhast

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    I mean really I agree. I can't imagine how Stanback is any better than either of these two. And they don't have chronic shoulder injuries.
  13. Avery

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    I've also seen the finale. If you don't want to know, don't scroll down.


    If you didn't want to know and are reading this, you've scrolled too far.
  14. Avery

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    All kidding aside, here's what Wikipedia says:
    Amongst the Stars
    First aired July 20, 2009

    Winner: Andrew Hawkins
    Runner up: Jesse Holley
    Cut: Eddie Moten and Ahmaad Smith
  15. playmakers

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    So Avery, you have or have not seen the finale?

    Hawk signed with Montreal back in December before the show started. If Hawk wins I think hes only in the CFL to stay in shape; since he signed in December. I think the reason why he hasnt played yet is because theres a clause stating he cant play until the show is over. Its either that or he won the show and since hes under contract with Montreal hes just running with them for game shape.
  16. Hostile

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    No matter who fodder.
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    It will come down to Hawkins and Holley, without question, and I think Hawkins wins it and likely doesn't make it beyond the second cut. He probably won't last long enough to make the practice squad.

    Unless, of course, he turns in some fantastic returns in the preseason.
  18. QT

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    Hawk has played for them. Read the other thread. I think DCfanatic posted his 2 or 3 plays that he had on Saturday or whenever Montreal played.
  19. CATCH17

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    Hawkins return ability alone puts him over Holley.

    We have Holleys on this team. We dont have anyone like Hawkins.
  20. NorthTexan95

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    You are exactly right.

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