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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Angus, Aug 17, 2006.

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    Afternoon practice report

    • After being unhappy with the morning workout, you half expected Parcells to put his team through another full-pad workout, but he didn't. The players were in shorts in the second workout with shoulder pads.

    • Safety Roy Williams ran over running back Keylon Kincade on a blitz. He didn't get to the quarterback in time but Kincade was a little slow in getting up. Later Williams dropped Tyson Thompson in the flat.

    • While the special teams drills went on, Terrell Owens caught passes from the quarterbacks in the end zone. Anything to speed up the chemistry. Owens appeared to real stretch it out a number of times on deep throws.

    • Cornerback Terence Newman had three interceptions and nearly had two on back-to-back plays, but he could not hold on to one as he leaped near the sideline.

    • The catch of the workout belonged to Jamaica Rector, and he wasn't the intended target. Tony Romo was looking for tight end Ryan Hannam, but the ball deflected off his pads and into Rector's while he was blanketed by a cornerback.

    • Parcells said the Cowboys would begin looking at New Orleans in practice today, but the offense and defense were running off cards in the afternoon, a sign that the planning may have started a little early.

    • Chris Canty said he has gained 15 pounds since last season. He said he played last year around 280-282 pounds and now he is hovering around 300.

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    Why was Romo wearing No. 4?

    Quarterback Tony Romo said he was duped into wearing No. 4 in Thursday afternoon's practice by veteran guard Marco Rivera.

    Romo, who grew up idolizing Packers quarterback Brett Favre, said Rivera switched out the jerseys before practice, and that he didn't realize it until someone said something to him on the practice field.

    "I caught a lot of flak," said Romo, "but I'll get Marco back."

    Rivera and Favre played together in Green Bay for years, and he knows about Romo's devotion to Favre.

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    More biscuits?
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    That was a great joke on ROMO!
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    newman gonna probowl going have a monster year.
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    I hope they throw his way alot.
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    All your base are belong to us.

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