News: DMN Blog: Aikman: Jerry 'needs to accept responsibility for the state of the 'Boys

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    IRVING - Troy Aikman, the Cowboys' Hall of Fame quarterback, said Wednesday owner-general manager Jerry Jones must take some of the blame for the flagging state of the franchise.

    "Jerry Jones needed to do something but needs to accept responsibility for the state of the Cowboys as well,'' Aikman said in a wide-ranging statement released by FOX Sports.

    Aikman said talk of Jones stepping aside as general manager "is pointless to talk about,'' because it will never happen. Aikman also said Jones can attract a quality head coach because of his willingness to devote resources to the club.

    "No one wants to win more than Jerry Jones,'' Aikman said. "But there are some real challenges. How you navigate them is going to determine your success with the Cowboys. You'd better be a strong individual.

    Read more of Troy's observations: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2010/11/troy-aikman-jerry-jones-needs.html

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