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    SportsDayDFW phoned Bob Sturm to comment on the Cowboys' win at Houston. The following is a transcription of the interview:

    Most impressive thing you saw: Where should I start? The most impressive thing was the timeliness of the big plays on both sides of the ball. They picked really solid times to do good things. The defense got all four of its sacks on third down. Both times the Texans got to 1st-and-goal, they settled for a field goal each time. That makes a heck of a difference to limit the damage.

    On offense, Romo made some big throws on third down especially on the first touchdown drive. He made big throws to Roy Williams, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin all on third-and-long. That's the kind of quarterback play they didn't get last Sunday.

    On the Cowboys' 13-plays, 80-yard drive in the second quarter: It would have to be the most impressive drive of the year. They didn't start that drive till the middle of second quarter and the Cowboys had just given up a poor drive, including that ridiculous 3rd and 19 conversion (to Foster). Things weren't going well and that drive settled the team.

    On Roy Williams' two TDs: I think that's what they're paying him to do that's why they made that trade. It was obvious when the Texans tried to press him on both touchdown catches and he had one step to the outside each time. He was able to get a very solid release and make a play. That's a weapon, it should have been a weapon and maybe it still can be.

    On the three takeaways, the first for the Cowboys this season: They come in bunches and I'm not sure what happened differently, but it's a slim margin and when you play with a little confidence and flying around, sometimes the takeaways come. They were fortunate Andre Johnson stumbled a bit on the Mike Jenkins' interception. We keep asking who is going to step up and make a play. That came right after a bad Jenkins penalty the play before (illegal contact on a 2nd-and-17). The next play, Jenkins isn't pouting and losing confidence. He makes a big play to turn the momentum back to the cowboys.

    On the Cowboys' redeeming themselves: The whole team had to prove they were worthy of our time here. If they go to 0-3 there are going to be a lot of people who think the season is over. Redemption is the theme in the terms of saving the season, at least temporarily. They can go into the bye week and see their season still ahead of him. Today's win was so vital and such a game-changer.

    Read lots more Bob: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2010/09/bob-sturm-instead-of-being-fin.html
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    GREAT all around game to me... Now we must get the special teams return game going.

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