DMN Blog: Browns bracing for Quinn holdout

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Gryphon, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Gryphon

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    Browns bracing for Quinn holdout
    The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Browns believe there's a good chance that Brady Quinn will begin training camp as a holdout.

    Quinn danced around the issue, saying that it's up to his agents and the Browns to reach a deal. The guy watched millions go up in smoke while he slipped from sure top-10 all the way to No. 22 on draft day, allowing Jerry to pull the trigger on the Cowboys' best trade since the Jimmy days.

    Indications are that the Browns want Charlie Frye to at least open the season as the starting QB anyway. Considering Frye's 10-to-17 TD-to-INT ratio last season, I'm sure that's OK with the Cowboys.

    Posted by Tim MacMahon at 11:13 AM (E-mail this entry)
  2. Teague31

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    0-16 here Cleveland comes!!!
  3. Gryphon

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    It is too hard for me to make that prediction. (0-16) Maybe 6-10 with Frye at the helm.
  4. ThreeSportStar80

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    I mean the guy dropped all the way down to 22, what does he expect in a contract? He's overrated as is, no need to overpay either...:laugh2:
  5. Cowboys&Caps

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    6-10 would represent their best case scenario
  6. Bizwah

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    I don't know....a 160 pound WR in the NFL?

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    He was still the 2nd QB taken. There are many ways to look at it.
  8. Roughneck

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    Hopefully the holdout ends before the season begins.

    The more Brady Quinn plays/starts this year, the better our draft pick from them will be.
  9. dogunwo

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    where is McCordsville to proclaim how Brady should be paid top ten money?
  10. calico

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    Oh, the visions of a top 5 draft pick abound...
  11. burmafrd

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    Condon is pretty tough. depends on whether BQ really wants to be a hold out. I do not think the Browns will try and be stingy. #22 pick numbers are pretty much locked in- its not like a top 5 pick. I doubt there will be much of a problem there.
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    We gotta have faith........please let it happen
  13. zeromaster

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    If they win only 3-4 games the draft pick will be a beauty. Problem is: someone will not take them seriously during the season, and they'll get a win or two that's not expected. 6-10 is probably about right.
  14. GimmeTheBall!

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    He already gave up all pretense of having a negotiating chip.
    All those months leading up to the Draft he kept saying how much he wanted -- needed -- to play for Cleveland, his hood.
    He sweated it out and seemed so grateful to be picked (finally!) by Cleveland.
    Now he does this?
    Let him walk. Let him sit at home with his rough-hewn girlfriend and off the rack business suits.
    He will come crawling back.
  15. DGreenFan87

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    i hate that you guys made that trade. lucky *******s :tongue:
  16. silverbear

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    LOL... the way it works is, to trade draft picks, you have to HAVE draft picks... this is why the Skins can't pull off such boondoggery...

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