News: DMN Blog: Cowboys are working Rookie Alex Albright at both ILB and OLB

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    ByBrandon George / Reporter
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    IRVING -- The Cowboys are working undrafted rookie free agent Alex Albright at both outside and inside linebacker. Albright was already adapting from a defensive end at Boston College to an NFL outside linebacker, and now the Cowboys want him to work inside more because of their lack of depth at inside linebacker.

    When the Cowboys cut their roster to the final 53 players Saturday, they only kept three inside linebackers: veterans Bradie James and Keith Brooking (he turns 36 next month) and second-year player Sean Lee.

    Albright said he worked some at inside linebacker during training camp but has done more at inside linebacker over the last week.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/09/rookie-alex-albright-said-he-d.html
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    Thank you, I was curious if he was able to play both positions. That would/might explain why we only have seven lbs on the regular roster.
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    Albright is this year's Church for me. Unheralded player I think can develop into an NFL starter with some hard work. I really like him.

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