News: DMN Blog: Cowboys open final Bears practice, for a price

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 15, 2010.

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    Gerry Fraley / Reporter http://www.**************/blogs/images/bio-icon.jpg Bio | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg E-mail | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg News tips

    The Dallas Cowboys will hold their final practice this week at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. The Saturday morning walk-through, normally a closed and tightly guarded affair, will be open to anyone who pays up for a tour.

    The walk-through, which will include taking of the team photograph, is part of the newly hatched ``Rally Days'' promotoion.

    Read more: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2010/09/cowboys-open-final-bears-pract.html
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    Saturday's walkthrough open to public
    September, 15, 2010 Sep 153:20PM CTEmail Print Comments By Tim MacMahonIRVING, Texas – Jerry Jones’ promotion of the Cowboys is apparently a bigger priority than privacy of practice.

    The Cowboys’ walkthrough Saturday will be open to the public for a price. Fans simply have to pay the regular price to tour Cowboys Stadium, which ranges from $14.50 to $27.50. It’s part of the Cowboys’ “Rally Days,” which will take place on the Saturdays before four home games and include photo opportunities and autographs from Cowboys alumni.

    OL coach optimistic about Marc Colombo
    September, 15, 2010 Sep 153:36PM CTEmail Print Comments By Tim MacMahonIRVING, Texas -- Offensive line coach Hudson Houck is optimistic that Marc Colombo can return to form.

    Houck hadn't seen Colombo practice yet when he made his comments Wednesday morning, but he definitely came across as a coach who was counting on having his starting right tackle return to the lineup.

    "I'm not a doctor, so I don't know what that part is," Houck said, referring to Colombo's recovery from a scope on his right knee. "But mentally, no issue whatsoever. The guy is as mentally tough as any guy I’ve ever been around. He will play hard.
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    I remember other teams could send scouts to the Redskins training camp when Snyder made people pay for admission. Is that rule limited to training camp?
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    Gosh, its almost like Jerry's going broke or something. j/k
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    They're not charging to watch practice. They're charging their normal fee for the stadium tours.

    And this particular practice is simply a walkthrough. Don't know wat could be gained from watching either a scout or fan.
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    Wade was asked 20 times about this at the PC today and said, "What they see at that walkthrough won't be what they see at the game."

    So the Bears can come on and see the practice?

    "Come on."

    (I still hate when Jerry does stuff like this. Reminds me of Hard Knocks.)
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    The Bears wouldn't be allowed to pay for a tour and watch practice. If we were charging specifically to watch practice, then they could, but the charge is for the tour.
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    That may be one of the dumbest quotes I've read, ever. Good Lord

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