News: DMN Blog: Cowboys weren't honest to themselves coming out of training camp

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    Cowboys weren't honest to themselves coming out of training camp, regarding Jason Williams, Robert Brewster
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    If the Cowboys were being honest with themselves coming out of training camp, then neither would have made the 53-man roster this year.

    It was evident in training camp when Williams would get beat on the same corner route every day by a tight end. It was evident when he would over pursue on a running play. Brewster's case is a little different because of the injury last year, but he could not compete athletically often enough to handle the tackle spot. He would get beat by a speed rush or a power rush.

    By keeping Williams and Brewster, the Cowboys let other players that could have helped leave for little or nothing in return.

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    i think we beat the packers this week, only because i live in wisconsin and it will be hilarious. then we lose out the rest of the season.

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