News: DMN Blog: Garrett on T.O.: 'I certainly have a lot of respect for him as a player

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 19, 2009.

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    Garrett needs to go right along with Wade...
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  3. dbair1967

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    and the incredible stupidity continues

    300+ posts about a nothing comment...typical Cowboy zone posters
  4. theogt

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    Really? You can't see what he was saying here? Surely you're not this dense.
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    0 Likes Received bro. go spew your dumb posts over there
  6. khiladi

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    Coaches don't impact the salary cap, as far as I know, which means the impact of cutting Garrett shouldn't be regarding financials, at least from the perspective of the fan..
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    wow. just... wow.
  8. dbair1967

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    And had he said "I dont have any comment" alot of you clowns would have twisted that around too. You were going to spin it no matter what was said.

    It's just beyond ridiculous.
  9. RainMan

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    A cryptic comment like this really makes you wonder if Owens is on the way out.

    It's not *that* uncommon to hear players complain and say weird things. So as bad as some of the comments T.O. and others have made concerning Garrett and Co., there's a certain lack of surprise to it given how frequent players in this league complain.

    But to hear a coach make a comment like this raises an eyebrow IMO.

    Granted, unless it just comes across different in print than it was intended. I mean, it reads like he is saying "I respect him as a player (and that's it). That's all I'll say on him." But maybe that's not the spirit of what he said.
  10. Jimz31

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    Not even the coaches can phrase things right....yet it's the players who usually get the brunt of it.

    Garrett may have just caused more crap with this one sentence.

    Dunces on the team....Dunces in the front office.

    He didn't need to add the ..."I'll just leave it at that." part. We all know that that is what you do when you are trying to say something WITHOUT saying anything.
  11. JPM

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    Damned if you do damned if you don't.
  12. dbair1967

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    I'm trying to figure out what you people are throwing JG under the bus for on this. He said he respects him as a player, he'd leave it at that. What more do you guys want him to say? Did you expect him to say he loves him like a brother when TO spent over half the season throwing him under the bus and trying to divide the team over it?

    And be honest, had he said "no comment" we'd have the same amount of posts declaring the same b/s. That would be spun around just the same as this.

    He said nothing wrong, its just people going way overboard again, as usual.
  13. theebs

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    I am curious, Was calvin watkins question to garret in print? Or did we just get garret's response?

    Calvin watkins is an A1 d-bag, he is the guy who has been running the garret-owens cant work together bandwagon.

    I saw him say it on with mike doocy and on the radio.

    So he may have asked him a question about owens that was loaded.

    Either way, It all revolves around one individual.
  14. Jimz31

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    I'm not "throwing him under the bus", but you know as well as anybody else out there, when you answer a question like that with the ending "we'll just leave it at that..." that he is saying more without saying more. Everybody who has ever used that term KNOWS what they are doing.

    Let's not act like he didn't mean anything by it.

    Garrett, just like the players, should just shut up. Front office people ARE held to a higher standard. What is it that owners do alot of times? They give glowing reports of the guy that was just fired....except for the last case with the Raiders.

    One of two things with Garrett...he should have been this way from the beginning, OR toed the company line and said nothing except that he's a good football player.

    But when you have an "add-on" sentence like that......let's not play dumb, here.
  15. dbair1967

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    Who cares? Garrett has every right to be PO'd at him. The guy has been working to sabotage the atmosphere all yr long. TO couldnt just keep his mouth shut and go directly to the coaches, he has to go public with everything and play teammates against each other.

    Garrett is used to 110% dedicated, win first guys like Aikman, Irvin, Emmitt, Maryland, Jimmy etc etc. Its what he came up with when he was here as a player. Owens is the polar opposite of those types of "team" players and I'm sure he resents it. He's a detriment to the team at this point.

    Like I said, if he had ignored the question or said no comment, we'd be in the exact same place.
  16. chinch

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    if jerry had brass balls (see jimmah whom he helped push off the ledge in a drunken stupor) he'd double down on jason and release TO immediately (before PSL cash is due).

    of course jerry is a spineless, gutless snake-oil salesman so he'll talk out both sides of his mouth - and his favorite backside orifice - selling cupcakes and pumping sunshine to the [strike]addicts [/strike] fans of his team.
  17. Beast_from_East

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    I have to agree, Garrett needs to show some balls and lay it out there. This beating around the bush and trying to insinuate something is just total BS in my book.

    If you got a problem with TO and the media ask you about it, you have two options. First, you can handle it "in house" and not air your dirty laundry to the media by saying that the relationship is fine.

    Secondly, if you dont want to handle it "in house" then you tell it like it is. If you think TO is dogging his routes and taking downs off, then say it.

    Grow some balls Garrett, either tell it like it is and that you cant coach somebody like TO or shut the hell up and handle it behind closed doors.

    This "I respect him as a player and we will leave it at that" is bush league Garrett, total bush league.

    My .02
  18. Frozen700

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    yup...if not id want him gone....
  19. Frozen700

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    not even the same
  20. ZeroClub

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    I've only now glanced through this thread after arriving late to it.

    I get the impression that the people who are unhappy with Garrett's remark are pro-T.O and believe that team chemistry is overrated.

    So if team chemistry is overrated, why be irritated with what Garrett says? It doesn't matter what a coach says about a player, if team chemistry doesn't matter, does it?

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