News: DMN Blog: Garrett on T.O.: 'I certainly have a lot of respect for him as a player

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jan 19, 2009.

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    I truly don't believe "fair" enters the equation. The idea is to win pro football games. Owens appears to be a major distraction. Maybe it isn't "fair" that such is the case, but if it harms the team's chances of winning, fairness isn't part of the calculation, in my mind.
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    I think in general, the TO contract allowed TO to be TO again without repercussion. Before he didn't have the money he wanted so he was a good boy. Now he has the money, he's like "I can be myself again and screw everyone else." That's the general impression I get. He has no reason to "behave" why would he? He knows he has jerry by the short and curlies. His contract gave him rights. He should have got 2 year deal with an option on the 2nd from here on out...
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    Another point... I just don't think Owens is nearly the player he once was. Twenty percent of his 2008 yardage production came in a single game. One game. No, you can't discount that game, but it's certainly true that as athletes age the general trend is not so much that they can no longer perform at a high level... they can't perform consistently at a high level. Many great athletes have had spectacular performances near the end of their careers. They were unable to get it done consistently.

    Owens had more games under 75 yards of production (11) than he had games over 75 yards of production. He gained over 100 yards in a single game only twice. He caught more than five balls in a single game only three times. His average yards after catch fell for the third straight season. He was responsible for only 38 first down catches after having been responsible for 62 in 2006 and 69 in 2007.

    Owens put up good numbers in some areas, and you could accuse me of cherry picking. But the point is the same: Data are sufficient to show some easily measurable deterioration in his play. If he is like nearly all athletes, that deterioration is likely to accelerate through to his eventual retirement.

    Yes, there are extenuating circumstances. The offense around Owens wasn't as good as it had been the prior year. But he is part of that offense, so that can't be put forth as a comprehensive excuse.
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    If that was the case then you would keep him because we have seen what our WR core looks like without him and it ain't pretty even with Roy Williams.

    In my opinion you can't go throwing away good talent to appease the media and/or fans. Jimmy made plenty of cuts but he never got rid of a star. One could argue that during Jimmy's tenure we have way more distractions but they went without the media scrutiny.
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    Too bad football is a TEAM sport and Owens play isn't the only indicator, or factor, into whether a team goes to a Superbowl or not.

    Owens played, and played great in a Superbowl. I'd say that means he's accomplished quite a bit more than anyone in Dallas has in, oh, 14 years now?

    Owens teams have won playoff games and gotten to a Superbowl. What has Roy Williams or Andre Johnson or Chad Johnson teams done?

    For that matter until these last three weeks would you have been saying "What have Larry Fitzgeralds accomplished?"

    Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Tim Brown, and Thurman Thomas were all great players, Hall of Fame, or will be, and they accomplished exactly nothing more, team wise, than Owens. So are you saying none of them belong in the Hall either?
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    These are all fair points, good points. I simply think Owens is a different problem. He is a clubhouse lawyer. I think bad behavior gets tolerated all the time. Clubhouse lawyers get gone.
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    Very good point, lol.

    However, I just think that he is a symptom and not the root cause. If we do cut him I hope it turns out well because I won't be able to stomach another season like the last one.
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    You and me both, sir.
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    Just fire Garrett,
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    Fuzzy, come on. Those reports have so little meat on their bones, it's not possible to draw any meaningful conclusions from them about Romo or Garrett. Romo's the type of player who might well consciously use his practice reps to try to figure out just what he can or can't do with the ball on a specific route or throwing to a specific receiver. Who knows what was going on, and who knows what player or players weren't happy about it, and what they might or might not have known about the reasons for it?

    Either way, a one-liner from Calvin Watkins doesn't tell us anything we'd need to know about the OC mental state or insecurities, or about whether or not Romo needs to be reined in on the practice field.

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