DMN Blog: Mendenhall could be a target if Broncos bail

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chief, Apr 8, 2008.

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    I've mulled over this for quite some time, and I think the only solution is to take CB at 22 best guy available - let the 28 for Roy deal go through. And see if you can get a guy like Jones/Rice/Johnson in the 2nd/3rd round.

    That way we can give Marion what he's earned, have an affordable change of pace back that can give us a spark in the return game - and address depth at CB and WR in a cost efficient manner.
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    Making blanket statements like this is pointless. The draft is completely situational. If the right athlete does or does not drop to certain spots i am sure that Jones will trade up or down depending. If McKelvin or McFadden drops out of the top ten, Jenkins, DRC or Mendenhall drop a little farther than that and so forth. OTOH if we are sitting at 22 and all the guys we like are gone which i am thinking is more and more possible I would LOVE a trade down to the top of the second especially if it will net us another first round pick.

    I think the top of the second will hold some great value especially if we get our pick of the top of the second tier of RBs throw in a pick at the top of the third and i still like that. that is where guys like Tyrell Johnson, Antwaun Molden, and Red Bryant will be going.

    To me if the choice is between Talib/Jones or CJ/Charles/Rice and Molden/Johnson/Bryant/first next year then the choice is clear.
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    Again, get used to the idea that the days of a guy like Emmitt running the ball 25 to 30 times a game are over. Would you rather have two great RBs or a great RB and a decent one?
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    I say that the team is better off every time Barber touches the ball. There is no need to cut his carries just because of some Parcells game plan that never won us anything.

    If we draft a runningback high in the draft ..... I will fully support the kid.

    I just think its a waste of a draft pick when we already have a guy who can carry the load (IMAO)

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