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    More exciting controlled scrimmage nuggets!!!

    • I know it's early, but CB Terence Newman is on the verge of becoming a special player. He rarely gets beat and makes plays against the run. WR Terrance Copper looked a little woozy after Newman raced up and decked him after a short pass. The ball popped out for an incomplete pass.

    • The Cowboys are doing everything they can to keep FB Lousaka Polite on this team. He's becoming comfortable in the F-back position. Polite's also starting to get the ball quite a bit around the goal line. He had a 3-yard touchdown Saturday.

    • Oh yeah, you wanted some Bobby Carpenter news, didn't you? Well, he had two sacks Saturday. He could end up being one of the more versatile players on the team. He's smart enough to learn the outside and inside linebacker positions. He also made some nice plays in pass coverage.

    When Drew Bledsoe dumped the ball to Julius Jones, Carpenter closed on him quickly. I'm not sure whether it will be inside or outside, but Carpenter will be starting soon.

    • DE Chris Canty had two sacks Saturday. The first one was a coverage sack, but on the second one, he just exploded past an offensive tackle. Canty even did a strange-looking sack dance after the second one.

    It's remarkable to watch a 6-7 guy with this much quickness. Canty and Spears have the talent to become one of the best DE tandems in the league.

    • A lot of us had dismissed TE Tony Curtis' chances of making this team, but he made some nice plays in the passing game Saturday. He almost made a miraculous catch on a ball from Tony Romo early in the scrimmage. Later, he reached high in the air to snag a Romo pass without ever breaking stride. Very nice scrimmage for Curtis.

    • Really, really quick hits: Ryan Hannam had a one-handed catch of a Drew Henson pass...Tim Cowlishaw's favorite player on this roster, LB Junior Glymph, hit Tyson Thompson for no gain on one play...Sam Hurd's leaping 24-yard catch early in the scrimmage may have been his best. He showed great body control during his catches...Patrick Crayton was called for pass interference...Pat McQuistan was called for holding on a running play...Aaron Glenn raced over to break up a Drew Bledsoe pass early in the scrimmage. Glenn's having a nice camp...Kicker Shaun Suisham missed a 50-yard field goal, but then made a 47-yarder. Mike Vanderjagt nailed a 44-yard FG after Romo's first drive...Cowboys kid and former Texas Tech linebacker John Saldi sacked Bledsoe on one play...A few plays later, DeMarcus Ware ran over Fasano on his way to sacking Bledsoe...Don't want to shock you with this, but LT Flozell Adams was called for false start. I did hear Parcells blame it on Romo, though...The Cowboys are taking the day off, so we're going to do the same this afternoon.

    Log on early and often Monday.

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    Lose yourself in this controlled scrimmage report!

    With the help of Todd Archer, I documented all 100 plays in Saturday's controlled scrimmage. These are the types of things reporters do when not making snarky comments about how great LB Junior Glymph looks.

    I considered providing you with play-by-play coverage, but that seems a tad excessive. Here's what I can tell you: The offense finally started moving the ball.

    The only problem was that it was the second- and third-team offenses.

    I know he had to go against the first-team defense more, but Drew Bledsoe did not have a good day. He missed on his first three pass attempts and he held the ball too long (imagine that) a couple of times.

    Tony Romo (left) raced the second-team offense down the field for a touchdown drive and then celebrated with a Tiger Woods fist pump that thrilled the crowd and caused reporters to laugh. Romo led the second-team on another touchdown drive against the first-team defense.

    And much to e-mailer Brian M.'s delight, we had a Drew Henson sighting Saturday. Henson was 12-for-16 for 150 yards and led the offense on two touchdown drives and a field goal. After the first TD drive, Parcells was so thrilled that he sprinted (think Matt Damon in The Bourne Supremacy) up the field to congratulate Henson. He immediately gave Henson another series.

    Keep reading for more exciting controlled scrimmage notes:

    • The Breakout Player Award goes to...The pride of Northern Illinois University, Sam Hurd. I know you've already read about Hurd several times on this blog, but on Saturday, he took his game to another level. Besides T.O., this kid may be the most athletic receiver on the roster. He leaped high above Nate Jones to grab a 26-yard pass from Drew Henson. Later in the drive, Henson hit him in stride down the right sideline for 31 yards. When we asked chief scout Jeff Ireland which players stood out to him, Hurd was the first name out of his mouth.

    By our very unofficial stats, Hurd had five catches for 95 yards. Now, I'm not telling you to run out and draft him for your fantasy team. I'm just saying it's becoming harder and harder to keep this guy off your roster.

    • Ellis no longer on an island: On the second play of the scrimmage, defensive end/linebacker Greg Ellis (left) beat RT Marc Colombo to sack Drew Bledsoe. On play No. 75, Ellis smacked Julius Jones near the line of scrimmage. A play later, he leaped to block a Bledsoe pass. And he was playing outside linebacker on those last two plays. Who knows. Maybe this switch is starting to grow on him.

    • Where can you find a Barber around here? Listen, I know this has been covered in a couple of other reports, but it bears repeating. Barber began the second series with a 23-yard run around the right side. We had him rushing for about 70 yards and he also made some plays in the passing game. Julius Jones is still your home run back, but Barber's the guy who could wear down a defense.

    • The OL shuffle: For now, Rob Petitti is playing in front of Flozell Adams at left tackle. Adams did get one series with the first team, but then Petitti came back in. Petitti played left tackle for four years in college (Pittsburgh) and said the transition wasn't a problem. It did catch him by surprise, though. Some of us were pretty concerned about the offensive line heading into this season. And now, with all the shuffling, that concern is growing. I did see assistant head coach Tony Sparano come up and congratulate rookie offensive tackle Pat McQuistan after the scrimmage. McQuistan (6-5, 315) played mostly guard in college.

    The defense had seven sacks in the 100-play scrimmage, but not all of them were the line's fault. We saw rookie tight end Anthony Fasano get overwhelmed by DeMarcus Ware a couple of times, but that's going to happen.

    I'll be back in a minute with Controlled Scrimmage Quick Hits...

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    This is when you know they read this board...

    Controlled scrimmage play-by-play!

    Some of you asked for this. Because we are a full-service blog, we aim to please. This is a rough play-by-play from Saturday's controlled scrimmage from Cowboys PR staff.

    Julius Jones rush short gain
    Sack Greg Ellis
    Patrick Crayton pass incomplete to Patrick Crayton over the middle
    Julius Jones pitch right 6 yards
    Pass incomplete to Anthony Fasano
    Pass incomplete to Patrick Crayton over the middle broken up by Terence Newman
    Julius Jones rush up middle good gain
    Play action pass to Terry Glenn 15 yards, good line protection
    Julius Jones rush up middle, small hole closed quickly stopped by Chris Canty short gain
    Sack Chris Canty – Bledsoe looking at Terrance Copper down left sideline, Henry had good coverage
    Greg Ellis and DeMarcus Ware sack

    Marion Barber rush right side 20 yards
    Pass to Lousaka Polite dump off in flat 5 yards
    Marion Barber rush right 5 yards
    Pass incomplete thrown away – heavy pressure
    Marion Barber rush (draw) 5 yards
    Play action roll out pass to Tony Curtis 5 yards shoved out of bounds by Al Singleton
    Play action incomplete pass to Tony Curtis 20 yards down field
    Pass incomplete to Keylon Kincade
    40-yard Vanderjagt field goal GOOD
    Marion Barber rush up middle 4 yards
    Pass incomplete to Terrance Copper broken up by Jacques Reeves (pass high down sideline)
    Jason Hatcher offsides defense –
    Timeout offense
    Play action pass incomplete to Jamaica Rector broken up by Jacques Reeves

    Tyson Thompson rush (pitch left) two yards
    Pass complete to Ryan Hannam in flat 8 yards – one-handed catch
    Pass complete to Sklyer Green 5 yards (quick slant)
    Pass complete to Ryan Hannam in the flat 2 yards Rocky Boiman on the tackle
    Tyson Thompson rush (draw) tackle by Junior Glymph
    Pass complete to Sam Hurd 3 yards
    Pass incomplete to Tyson Thompson good pressure by Montavious Stanley
    Tyson Thompson rush 5 yards
    Pass complete to Sam Hurd 20 yards (slant)
    50-yard Shaun Suisham field goal, NO good short

    Pass complete to Anthony Fasano 7 yards (play action)
    Bobby Carpenter sack (play action attempt)
    Pass complete to Jason Witten over the middle 10 yards (Flag on the play????)
    Scott Shanle sack
    Julius Jones rush (off tackle – right side) 1 yard
    Pass complete to Jason Witten (in the flat – right side) 15 yards
    Flea-flicker, quarterback scramble (flag – offensive holding????)
    Pass complete to Julius Jones 5 yards (play action)
    Julius Jones rush for 7 yards (draw play)
    Sack – Bobby Carpenter, Jason Hatcher and Kenyon Coleman were there (play action to Marion Barber)
    Pass complete to Julius Jones 2 yards (play action - in the flat) Ryan Fowler on the tackle
    Pass complete to Patrick Crayton 10 yards
    46-yard Shaun Suisham field goal, GOOD

    Marion Barber rush (pitch right) 10+ yards – late hit Keith Davis, hit out of bounds (flag on the play)
    Chris Canty sack (play action attempt)
    Pass complete to Sam Hurd 9 yards
    Pass complete to Marion Barber – big yards (more than 25) on a rollout dump-off down the right sideline
    Marion Barber rush for no gain (dive left)
    Pass incomplete to Jamaica Rector
    Pass complete to Tony Curtis 10 yards (middle of the field) tackle by Bradie James
    Marion Barber rush (off tackle – left side) good stiff arm to Anthony Henry good for 5-yard TOUCHDOWN
    Vanderjagt PAT attempt GOOD

    Keylon Kincade rush (draw) 7 yards (offensive penalty)
    Pass complete to Sam Hurd 25 yards (down right sideline – leaping catch over the defender)
    Keylon Kincade rush right 2 yards
    Pass complete to Sean Ryan in the flat 7 yards – heavy pressure
    Pass complete to Sam Hurd 17 yards down the right sideline
    Lousaka Polite 5-yard rush for Touchdown – I formation with Fasano as fullback
    Vanderjagt PAT attempt GOOD
    Pass incomplete to Ryan Hannam on the left side
    Keylon Kincade 5 yards on a toss right
    John Saldi sack
    Keylon Kincade 7 yard rush up the middle
    Pass incomplete down right sideline to Sam Hurd – 2 penalties on the play - offsetting Hurd P.I. and illegal contact on defense.

    Julius Jones rush right no gain
    Pass incomplete to Terrance Copper on the right side (hard hit by Terence Newman to knock the ball loose)
    Marion Barber rush (draw) 10 yards
    Pass complete to Terrance Copper for 12 yards left sideline – covered by Anthony Henry
    Offsides defense Jason Ferguson
    Sack – DeMarcus Ware closest – good pressure Bledsoe tripped over lineman’s leg
    Julius Jones rush 3 yards (draw)
    Pass incomplete to Patrick Crayton over the middle broken up by Aaron Glenn but defensive pass interference
    Pass complete to Jamaica Rector 5 yards over the middle
    Pass incomplete to Anthony Fasano – on a play action – Illegal contact defense Anthony Henry
    Pass complete to Terrance Copper (quick pass) 8 yards to the 4-yard line
    Julius Jones rush right stuffed by Greg Ellis no gain
    Pass incomplete broken up at the line by Greg Ellis
    24-yard Vanderjagt field goal GOOD

    Rollout scramble 6 yards
    Pass incomplete to J.R. Tolver left side about 6 yards
    Pass complete to Tony Curtis (dump off in the flat over the middle) 5 yards
    False start Flozell Adams
    Pass incomplete to Jamaica Rector (10 yard cross)
    Pass complete to Tyson Thompson (flat dump off ) 14 yards
    Pass incomplete to Jamaica Rector right sideline overthrown
    Pass complete to Tony Curtis 25 yards (over the shoulder catch)
    Tyson Thompson rush 10 yards up the middle
    Incomplete pass to Sean Ryan in the end zone (four-yard line) play action
    Keylon Kincade rush for negative yards on a toss right Keith Davis on the tackle
    Pass complete to Tony Curtis TOUCHDOWN – Jacques Reeves had good coverage
    Suisham PAT attempt GOOD

    Pass complete to Ryan Hannam 6 yards in the flat on a dump off
    Demetris Summers rush 10 yards up the middle
    Pass complete to Miles Austin 15 yards right side
    Pass incomplete to ???? Quincy Butler credited with the breakup
    Demetris Summers rush 5 yards (counter)
    Pass complete to Skyler Green 10 yards in the flat
    Pass incomplete to ??? on a play action rollout pass broken up by Nate Jones
    Pass complete to Skyler Green 11 yards for the TOUCHDOWN – play action, Green in back of end zone made sure to keep both feet in.
    Suisham PAT attempt GOOD

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    Hmmm...I wonder why this is the first time this was mentioned.:cool:
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    Mosley had it all wrong Ad. Parcells doesn't like DH and had given the defense strict instructions to kill him. So he ran up the field, excuse me, sprinted up the field and told DH to do it again so that they had another chance to kill him.

    You gotta work on your conspiracy understanding Ad.

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    In all seriousness Ad, I gotta ask you a question. My college coach was much like BP in that he said stuff to irritate you in hopes it made you mad and work harder. What was your coach like? I've never heard of a football coach who gushed praise. Not even Vermeil who said Larry Johnson needed to take off his diapers.

    Why is so much read into BP's cutting little remarks?

    Any ideas?
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    Blast, when is the media going to get it. Newman is already a special player!! :bang2:
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    My DC was a bonafied jack arse! It was impossible to like him as a crab (freshman) but as you got older you really appreciated him. Til this day I love him to death but I remember times during my crab year I wanted him dead, lol.

    Imo, coaches like Parcells are not hard to figure out, just pay attention to what they do and very few things they say.
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    Kudos to John Banks for the play by play. Should get this every day!!
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    Sounds like Drew Henson could become a Parcells guy. ;)
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    Newman is already special. If he continues he's rise the rest of the nation will find out soon enough
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    No kidding!!

    I am pulling so hard for Henson "to get it" because it is absolutely imperative to the future success of our franchise that we get a QB with the skill to compete with Brady, Manning, Palmer and Rothlisberger. :star: :star:
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    Isn't the move of Petitti to LT more about protecting Bledsoe in the preseason since Flo is obviously not ready yet. I sure wouldn't want to start McQuistan or a gimpy Flo against Seattle.
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    If Carp starts, who does he replace? Gotta be Ellis or Ayodele.
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    Curtis seems to be more hit-and-miss than Ryan. The ability to hit more may get him that fourth spot--plus, I think I read he is bigger. I wonder how well he blocks compared to Ryan.

    Good news on Carp, Burnett, Hurd, Romo, and Henson. I'm becoming much more comfortable with our LBs and less comfortable with our OL.
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    yep, Henson even showed some MOXIE.
  18. kmd24

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    No, I just don't see it.
  19. tyke1doe

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    That was too funny, kmd24.
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    it simply doesn't fit with the Parcells hates Henson line.

    the funny part is that Mosely has been one of the primary sources for that.

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