News: DMN Blog: Observations from Cowboys training camp practice Monday

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    Rainer Sabin / Reporter
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    Here are my observations from Monday's practice:

    • With QB Jon Kitna unable to practice, Stephen McGee led the second-team offense. Meanwhile, reserve QB Tom Brandstater, who was signed last week, received more repetitions than he has since he joined the team.

    • Rookie Bill Nagy worked at first-team left guard, a position that has yet to be settled after Kyle Kosier moved to the right side.

    • DE Kenyon Coleman was working with the first team in place of Igor Olshansky, who has struggled so far in the preseason. Olshansky made only two assisted tackles in the Cowboys' 24-23 victory over Denver last Thursday.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/08/observations-from-cowboys-trai-2.html
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    Ugh.. Holland. I cant believe they are going to try n trot him out there to start. Just let go already and go with the youngsters. They cant be any worse. Dont give me they trust Holland more. I dont care. He will never be n shape enough to full time start. With his issues with health and all, you cant trust him. It just makes no sense.

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    Anything to force Choice off the roster.
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    RB Lonyae Miller had several good runs, forcing his way into the second level

    he shows but just in practice

    I love it if Tanner would beat Miller and Choice out

    but I think Tanner might be on the PS

    but theres got to be some big back after cuts that can pick up a yard or two when needed

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